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Name: Ailani
Gender: Female
Age: 27

Looks: Ailani has bronze-tanned skin with sleek long black hair and grey eyes. She always looks a bit surly or disapproving, people have rarely seen her smile. Ailani hardly ever wears frilly or patterned clothes. She doesn't believe in embellishments, her clothes are purely functional. She does like colours that compliments her colouring so she wears a lot of blues, greys and browns. 
Personality: Ailani's name means "leader" and she feels the pressure of that wish her parents made. She feels she needs to be serious, efficient and poised all the time. Her scowl comes from trying to get people to see what would be the best course of action. Ailani never doubts her thoughts. The fact that others want to discuss gives her major headaches. 
Likes: animals, teaching and shade
Dislikes: headaches, trouble and stubborn people (yes kettle and pot...)
Pets: A soft chubby cat (Lima, f) from Gineya Isla 




Lantessama Isle
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