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Name: Waiola
Gender: Female
Age: 21

Looks: Waiola is the youngest of the four sisters and the most gawky. While her sisters have grown up to be poised ladies, Waiola still feels a bit childish with her ponytails and mismatched, colourful outfits. Waiola has a tanned skin, bright green eyes and long, curly black hair. As the only one of her sisters with curls, she's a bit conscious of them. 
Personality: Waiola's name means violet but Waiola feels far removed from either the pretty flowers or the spiritual colour. She is a wild, energetic tomboy. There isn't a moment that her mind isn't planning something to do and she can hardly concentrate on reading or crafting. When she was young she liked to climb trees and dig holes, currently she'd prefer to work on ships.
Likes: Construction, working with her hands
Dislikes: tedious and boring tasks
Pets: Yellow Ceadra Lei (m) from Gineya Isla 




Lantessama Isle
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