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Name: Lua
Gender: Female
Age: 25

Looks: Lua is the prettiest of the sisters. She has a bronze tanned skin, thick long black hair and brown eyes. She has a shapely body that is hidden by the robes she wears, but they cannot hide the grace with which she moves. Her full lips and shapely brow have made many men dream of her. A lot of them come to bring her gifts too.
Personality: Lua's name means "relaxed and joyful". She has lived a leisurely life, often getting distracted by things when she's doing chores, ending up abandoning her work and following her heart and gaze. She is a dreamer who loves stories and lore. She's never haughty nor is she deliberately lazy. Which is why so few people can get mad at her, one of the few who does is her older sister Ailani.
Likes: Stories (myths/legends), discovering new things and getting gifts
Dislikes: People expecting things from her in return for the gifts they give
Pets: funny parrot (Edison, m) from Gineya Isle




Lantessama Isle
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