female, 16
A red-haired, green-eyed girl. Shauny's one of the few Icelanders with a dark complexion. Not many people dare approach her when she's in the winter villages, but during the summer, when she's with her own family and community she's a bright, cheerful girl that enjoys singing, cooking and exploring. She can be a bit of a tomboy, but lately she's becoming more and more like a girl.

2. Hatching
This year's Lantessama's holiday cavern was decorated lavishly again. The inside of the smaller one of the two hatching caverns in the middle mountain was plastered with ice. Snow crackled below people's feet and their breath made little clouds in the air. It didn't matter that a few winter season and a couple of assembled winter-type dragons were grumbling and sending out bad karma when the end result looked like this. It was snow!
Candidates and spectators filed in, as did the Laedrysses and a few other Lantessaman officials. When everyone was seated Lucas signaled for the lights to be dimmed and then the entire cave bathed in a faint icy blue sheen. As the temperature dropped, the eggs in the center of the cavern, buried in snow and ice, started to show signs of hatching.
One of the eggs crackled and shattered into dust. Or ice. The hatchling that emerged from the snow was female and her hide a rich indigo blue. She took her first steps on the snow, skidded on a patch of ice and waited. Trying to keep her balance she carefully placed her feet in front of her as slowly as she could. Absorbed by this, the lapis lazuli feather dragon didn't notice that she was approaching the candidates. Suddenly she bumped into Sha'uny, threatening to take both of them down.
"Careful!" Sha'uny shouted.
Nervously the indigo dragoness replied: "I'm not that stable yet... but I will. Would you mind waiting for me until then?"
"I wouldn't mind even if it takes forever, Senua Göte!" the young Iceland girl smiled back.

3. Adult
Sha'uny had grown from a young, precocious girl to a young, confident woman. Having bonded a dragon, she'd gained the freedom she'd longed for her entire life, even if that had meant she'd have to give up free time to care for Senua when she'd been too small to be able to care for herself. 
But as soon as they'd been able, the two of them had flown away, exploring the entirety of Syl'Neriss. The only place they hadn't visited was IceLand. Still Sha'uny craved to walk on the snowy plains and through the icy crags. 
"We'll get there." Senua promised.
"I don't know." Sha'uny said.
"Go talk to that hunky young IceLander Koy. I've heard he might be wanting to go to IceLand with some of the others."
Sha'uny had heard of the Lantessaman born iceLanders. They found belonging with each other but Sha'uny felt a bit different from them and though she was about the same age as Koy, she hadn't dared approach him. Maybe sometime in the future the two of them might talk.... Maybe.

Yvander - Svyn - Saryn - Rygha - Sha'uny

Continued in IceLandic Kids 5 - Reunion

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