male, 20
A well-educated Icelander with brown hair, beard and blue eyes. Svyn has learned through trial, error and observation what dangers Iceland harbours. As the apprentice of a wandering medicine man he's seen all kinds of sufferings. He's an idealist who supports the younger generation's wishes to travel south.

2. Hatching
This year's Lantessama's holiday cavern was decorated lavishly again. The inside of the smaller one of the two hatching caverns in the middle mountain was plastered with ice. Snow crackled below people's feet and their breath made little clouds in the air. It didn't matter that a few winter season and a couple of assembled winter-type dragons were grumbling and sending out bad karma when the end result looked like this. It was snow!
Candidates and spectators filed in, as did the Laedrysses and a few other Lantessaman officials. When everyone was seated Lucas signalled for the lights to be dimmed and then the entire cave bathed in a faint icy blue sheen. As the temperature dropped, the eggs in the center of the cavern, buried in snow and ice, started to show signs of hatching.
The first one to actually hatch was one of the eggs at the edge of the circle of snow. A green-yellow head, resembling the gem peridot, popped out of the snow, followed by feathered wings and a sleek body. The hatchling, a male, shook the snow from his back and tail and then sat down cleaning his paws. Only when he'd finished that did he move toward the candidates.
"Svyn." he said, "My name is Skaoi Imar."
"Nice to meet you." the Iceland medic replied.

3. Adult
Skaoi Imar dashed through the light dusting of snow and felt for a moment like a fresh hatchling again. That first feeling of snow on his feet had been so right. But he was older now, had felt sand, dirt, mud, mulch, grass... and likely there were plenty of other form of terrain to try. But snow would forever remain his favourite. 
"I see we might need to take a trip to IceLand soon?" Svyn asked.
"Your heart aches when you think of that place."
"I don't miss the place, just the people."
Svyn often wondered how Gryerd had faired, how the people of Yshegeln had coped with their disappearance. Would they think them dead?
"There's only one way to find out." Skaoi remarked.
"I bet we'd give old Gryerd a heart attack... but he would not act superstitious."
"Let's go."

4. Flight
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