1. Gineya Research Center
My name is Rainbow and I'll be happy to guide you through the Main Center. From this place we monitor all activities and adoptions. This page will feature the latest news and links to all areas and Center buildings here at Gineya.

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09/11/2009 Moved Gineya to the new lantessama.com domain. Since the old layout had been there since forever I decided to make a new one. I hope you all like the new concept. The colour scheme has stayed the same :)
Fixed links from the move. New svarpian and Star Dancer Category pics to add.

It's been very very long. My last update (in 2007 :O) didn't even make it unto the site! But anyway, there's new clutches out on just about every beach. I've fixed some broken images etc.
Expect to see new svarpian images and new star dancer category pictures soon (I'm drawing them a lot better than before)

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