Ryvern Marshes

A man, maybe 30 years of age, handsome and rugged, with square shoulders and strong arms meets you outside the swamp.
"I wouldn't go in there if I were you!"
"Why not?' you ask, "I will stay on the right path"
The man bursts into laughter. "Yeah right!"
He looks at you and then at the swamp. "Sorry, the swamp is dangerous, only trained Gineyan staff with high-ranking Svarpians are allowed in. And they only enter once a year, in group."
"What are Svarpians?"
"Dragon-snakes that live in the swamp, you might see one briefly before it kills you. If raised from hatchling they are quite docile, like my little Qern."
A long black snake slitters below the leaves of the tree you're standing under. Startled you take a step back, nearly falling. Was that little?
"Qern won't hurt you, he's been trained properly. My name's Track by the way."
"How can I get to see the eggs when I can't get into the swamp?" You ask as you shake the man's hand.
"I'll show you."