Egg Cave
"This is the Egg Cave. Wicena's lay small clutches ranging from 2 to 5 eggs." Whirl says.
"I see eggs!" You shout.
"Yes." she chuckles. "There is currently a clutch waiting."
"Wow. I hope they'll all become as pretty as you." You say, shamelessly sucking up.
"Thanks for the compliment, all Wicena's are beautiful though."
"You're welcome to adopt an egg."
"How do I choose?"
"Take the egg that speaks to you most."
You look at the eggs...Then you see it! The loveliest egg you've ever seen and it's there for you.
"How do I take care of it?"
"Well, you take the egg someplace warm and you talk to it. Soon after it will hatch. All babies are pure and they stay that way until youth."
"And after that?"
"A master will choose to train him or her in the arts of the colour most suited."
You look back at your egg...

Parented a clutch of 3 eggs!



egg1 --
egg2 --
egg3 --

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