1. Staff
The Gineyan Staff Listed by Geographical Residence. Links will soon appear to their homes, so you can see their pets/bonds and learn a bit more about them.

The Center

Gudrun (30) Head Administrator, you're likely to encounter her when you arrive at Gineya. She's a tall redhead with a direct way of doing things. Don't expect tact from her.
Zayne (32) Administrator, more tactful and certainly less seen outside the Center buildings. Don't be fooled however, Gudrun never makes a final decision without consulting Zayne. 
Elza (37) Caretaker of the Abandoned. Tall with long brown hair. She has a distinct sense of humor and an endless supply of Faith and Patience.
Ergo (20) Librarian, gawky who looks funny walking, need I say more?
Rainbow Guide

Crescent Vale Heights

Mya (30) Bond of Water Fren (f). (mate: Emotion Onyx)
Mya usually can be found near the great indoor lake in the West Mountain. She helps her bond train the water pupils. She is small and bigboned with short brown hair and green eyes.
Flint (26) Bond of Air Whirl (f). (mate: Light Nerinx)
Flint is liked by all who know him. He's calm and reserved on the outside, but once you get through it, you'll get to his adventurous side. He's just a little boy, though he doesn't look like it, he's tall with shoulderlong black hair in a pony tail. His blue eyes look boldly into the world and have been known to twinkle when he's planning something.
Neyla (18) Bond of Fire Gerondyl (m). (mate: Dark Spell)
Neyla is the youngest bond to a grand master ever. She claims it is because she is so much like her own Gerondyl and understands him completely. She is a tall, lanky girl with black eyes and soft blond hair. She wears glasses and can be found in the fighting halls on the east of the vale. She's the resident martial arts master.
Redys (25) Bond of Earth Aleni (f). (mate: Forest Zasri)
Redys resides near the forest of the vale where she and her partner Azyrn live. It's not often that people with life mates marry, but they were just plain right for eachother. Redys is a slender woman with long brown hair. She's got a short temper and can sometimes be seen running through the vale screaming.
Azyrn (30) Bond of Forest Zasri (m). (mate: Earth Aleni)
Azyrn is a calm man who can see the good in everything. A true optimist. This sometimes ticks his wife Redys off. She never can stay mad at him for long though. He is a tall man, well musceled and tanned with short brown hair and green eyes.
Yelka (20) Bond of Emotion Onyx (m). (mate: Water Fren)
Yelka is a 'ghost girl' she is one of the very few off worlders that stayed on Gineya after bonding. She is grey all over with white hair and eyes. She can literally disappear in the vale. She seems very reserved on the outside, but in fact she is very emotional. Make her mad and she will get you...
Ornal (35) Bond of Spirit Lyndl (f). (mate: Pure Winshar)
Ornal is a considered slow by all who see him first. He's usually sitting somewhere and only speaks after serious thinking. He can be found near the central statue, the one you slammed into, yes, I remember that ;). Ornal's big and strong with flexible muscles from doing yoga.
Dresden (32) Bond of Light Nerinx (m). (mate: Air Whirl)
Dresden is the other off worlder in the Vale. He's pretty normal when you first see him, maybe a bit short, with spikey blond hair and icey blue eyes. That is until you hear him speak, he never lost the slittering accent of his home-planet. He can morph into a snake too.
Jokny (48) Bond of Dark Spell (f). (mate: Fire Gerondyl)
Jokny is a devoted follower of the dark. He likes to change the reality with her dark magic. However, after a rampaging darkness that lasted 6 days his magic was bound by Cercei and Pure Winshar.
Jokny is a long man with long black hair and a wicked temper. He never forgave Cercei for her medling and they can still cause a fuss in the meetings.
Cercei (65) Bond of Pure Winshar (m). (mate: Spirit Lyndl)
Cercei is a woman with whitening red hair and freckles. She is small and looks feeble. This is all an act though, she's very strong and will most likely outlive some of the younger people in the vale. She and Jokny have a history together and one day I might record it, but for now all you need to know is that they are never seen together in the same room...ever.

Hogeno Hills

William (30) William leads the Hogeno Hills with what can only be described as lucky nonchalance. There is no organisation what so ever, all creatures fly and run through each other's territories and strangely it works. This, according to William, due to the fact that these creatures have evolved to respect any other species living in the Hills when they had to deal with his disorganised ideas. William himself looks most like a seventies survivor with strange sunglasses that guard his albino-red eyes from the sun. His hair is bright white and ehm carefully styled to grow in all directions.

Ryvern marshes

Track (30) Owner of Black Qern (m). Track is tall, handsome and rugged. You expect him to walk around carrying a machete, and he does.
Trema (27) Owner of Burgundy Ylx (f). Trema is small and rather shy. She feels more at ease with Ylx than with other humans. She is a very good caretaker however and has a keen eye into what colour the eggs will hatch.

Cyan Nights Cove

Zeni (25) Bond of yellow Myrion (m). Zeni is small and tanned with a big mouth and no tact. Loved by all on the Isle, she is often asked for advice.
Motto: "Everybody's a friend"
Diona (32) Bond of Orange Effenra (f). Diona and Effenra are the welcomers of Cyan Nights Cove. She is medium built with soft-glowing blue hair. She can often be found near the Beaches watching the eggs while drawing or painting.
Lanys (23) Bond of Red Esgrid (m). Lanys is like his Atcydia, fearless and hot-tempered. He is tall and dark, with short brown hair and green eyes. Don't tell, but he has a soft spot for Zeni.
Cerula (40) Bond of Green Peril (m). Cerula and Peril have swam many treacherous sea together and it shows. No Atcydian and human are closer, and no pair is more scarred than these two. Cerula is medium built will strong legs and arms from swimming. She has black hair and blue eyes.
Fred (19) Bond of Aqua Zinnix (f). Fred is still a young girl, completely ordinary. What made her flock leader was her perfect sense of Rythm and her creative way of dancing. No Aqua Atcydian can ever resist this girl.
Jon (20) Bond of Blue Merin (m). Jon is very scientific. There are no limits to what his mind is capable off. Both him and Mezrin reach for infinity.
Aryan (29) Bond of Indigo Erianu (f). Aryan bonded Erianu at night. Everyone had told her to wait, but she wouldn't. She had always been impatient. Aryan has short brown hair and a pale skin (she can never get a tan).
Serwyn (46) Bond of Purple Erfyn(m). Serwyn is a teacher and you will know it. He walks on the beach wearing a suit everyday. Behind his back people sometimes laugh about his strange behaviour, but truth be told he has never behaved impolite to anyone, making him the perfect bond for a purple. You get what you see with Serwyn. He might be stuffy and living in past times, but he respects everyone.
Sage (18) Bond of Pink Ouanda (f). Sage is a very sociable girl. She even dyed her hair pink to look more in style with her Atcydia. She has never worn to colours that don't match and always points people at bad fashion statements.
This doesn't make her an airhead. She is fairly smart, but doesn't care about "knowledge". She knows you can never underestimate appearance.

Bealla Bay

Emily (18) Emily is the guardian of Bealla Bay. She is a young girl with long swirling brown hair, blue eyes and a passion for dancing. Though she is cheerful and optimistic she isn't naive. Emily understands that there might be things bad for her bay and the life she leads there. She can be a bit paranoid against strangers but if you win her trust she will be the sweetest person you ever met.

Morning Fog River

Ela (23) Hands out the caterpillars and owner of Starlight Red Sorceress. Ela is long and slender with dark brown hair and eyes. She is very friendly and protective. Beware! If you mess with your Dancer she will come after you!
Mesgri (14) Head-Catcher. Owner of Furry-Sun Flame. Mesgri always pushes harder and further into the rainforests, sneaking past safety lines. How he never gets caught remains a mystery to all. Well, he did get caught once, by his own star dancer.

Purpurea Plains

Irene (25) Irene keeps an eye on the Purpurea Plains. She is very practical and pragmatic. She is great at organising and everyone crossing the plains will occasionally see her surveyors fly over or run passed. Irene looks like a female Indiana Jones with sandy brown leather pants, a light blue shirt and a wide cowboy hat. She also carries around a whip, just in case she stumbles on trouble.