1. Info Pages
The Info room is large. 3 stories up and several walls full of books look down on you. In the middle is a big space left open for reading and writing. Light enters the Library from big skywindows in the roof and several windows in the walls. What strikes you as odd are the flowers. The library looks like a park with walkways and patches of grass to sit on.
A young boy, maybe 10 years runs by, laughing and looking back. He is followed by an older man of 20 years maybe. He is tall and slender, with short brown hair and a funny way of walking. He spots you and stops.
"Oh, hello! My name is Ergo, I'm the librarian here."
"Greetings." you say, trying not to smile. 
"Hmm, My first impression hasn't been a good one, but I'm very capable. If you're looking for info, I suggest you look in the Southern part, it's easy to find, it's the part of the Library with the Cyclams growing off the walls."
You nod. It would be nice to explore this strange room.
"If you don't mind, I'll be off now." Ergo runs off, chasing after the boy, who if he has any sense is long gone.