Name: Tjenzina
Age: 17
Gender: female
Description: With long limbs, graceful movements and her long flaming red hair, Tjen can be called nothing else than a dancer. She stirs up men's hearts wherever she ventures and ignites them in passion with her dancing and low sensual singing. Aside from a dancer, Tjen is a good fortune teller and a renowned story teller.
Family: Tjen was born part of a gypsy family and has travelled with her parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, uncles and aunts for her entire life. Her family is too numerous to count, but almost nowhere welcome to linger for a longer time then the passing of fairs and festivals.
Pets: Twister faerie drak Orage (m)
Drak: Wind Feymilawis from Chindor Castle

"Finally!" Ulf started his speech. "After a long time, we are back to hatching clutches and accepting aspirants."
"The little clutch of 5 eggs has hatched overnight, and is ready for the aspirants. After the impression, there is a party of course." Scareh added
"Welcome." Paggenis said as she strode, head high, towards the aspirants and vieuwers. Leaving her little ones in the dark deep cavern. There were some little squeeks from the little draklings as they were arguing wich of them could impress first.
Paggenis sighed a little, turning round towards the entrance of the deep cavern and softly roaring as she called out the first name of her young. 
"Fuurisaw!" and a bright fire drak appeared. 
"Wallendisaw!" A little night drak entered the bright sunlight.
The mother drak called out the next drakling: "Odennarylawis!" Now a brown and green forest drak entered the grounds, and happily smiled and wobbled towards the aspirants. 
The next drak Paggenis called out was a wind drak named Feymilawis. The little drak danced gently towards the two remaining aspirants. Making a big bow before Tjenzina. "You dance really well." Tjen said.
"Of course." The little wind drak said "I've been dancing from the moment I was more then a few cells in my egg."
The last drak, Caralisaw was an Ore drak like his mother

Trained by Zana and Wind Enaki

Tjenzina returned to where it had all started. Chindor Castle had closed and people who wanted to get ahead in life needed to leave for more active castles. Sure she could have stayed there and lived out ehr life in solitude. But she was a gypsy! She needed to have adventure, passion, song and dance in her life or she wouldn't remain sound of mind and body.
"And maybe you'll meet that guy there..." Feymilawis hinted.
"Don't remind me of that dry clerk of a man." Tjenzina called annoyed, but all the same her mind wandered to the blond-haired, blue-eyed young man who'd been so sincere about her. What would it be like to untie that hair? To let loose the passion he had so restrained?
"Want me to see if I can find his Drak to get some inside information?"
"Maybe that wouldn't be so bad...."

Tjenzina and Feymilawis joined the Fugue Armada
Feymilawis found a lifemate in Mud Jushiaren (Knight: Kerun)

The Others
Marigan - Aimon - Kerun - Tjenzina

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