Name: Kerun
Age: 17
Gender: male
Description: As Marigan's youngest brother, Kerun often finds himself being the one taking the blame for whatever his sister has done wrong. With his long blond hair, bound neatly back in his neck, and his deep blue eyes he doesn't have the look of a sincere, studious young clerk. He is often mistaken for a skirt chaser and lazy young man, despite his efforts. He enjoys reading, writing and filing papers in alphabetical order.
Family: Kerun is the third son in a family of 4 children. Both his parents, Martha (48) and Fuuren (50) are alive and work in service of one of Jagharta's wealthiest merchants. He has two older brothers, Onien (22) who works as a sailor, Senzai (20) who is studying as an apprentice smith and one younger sister, Marigan (15) who's his constant source of worry.
Pets: none.
Drak: Mud Jushiaren (m) from Dawn Castle

It was night when the two draks announced the birth of their draklings. Kerun, prepared for the event though not really aware of what was happening went to the deep cavern in a dreamlike haze. The moon shone brightly and the air was warm and soft, pleasant for the time of year, but he did not notice it. He gulped down some water to calm his tightened throat and tried to look calm and collected.
Nelladuar, Chrischisen and their knights stepped into the circle of light but reamined at the edges. Then the doors to the deep cavern swung open and in the darkness the draklings stirred, waiting to come out in orderly fashion. When the first drakling turned to a tall young boy named Rohn, Kerun breathed a sigh of relief. He had some time left to collect his thoughts. The second and third drakling passed by him as well and his nerves sprang back to life. What if none of them picked him?
The last two draks came out of the shadows together, one was a greenish blue and the other was a dark chocolate brown from paws to wingtips. Both of them looked at the remaining aspirants. The mud drak walked slowly towards Kerun. The drakling wrapped his tail around him saying: "I'll protect you when you're getting the blame."
"Thanks" Kerun smiled, hugging the little drak.
Nelladuar called out the desert's name: "Jushiaren."

Trained by Xaedan and Fire Reenkios
Knight Training with an accent on marine interventions

Years passed slowly and though life at the Castle hadn't been quite the way he'd pictured, much more chaotic than any one should be able to bear, Kerun still believed he'd made the right choice.
"You found me." Jushiaren snorted.
"Which is why I can still keep up with this mess." Kerun sighed, "I wonder if that male version of a High princess has anything to do with this place being so... so," he looked for the right words, "so liberal."
"Raf knows how to keep everyone friendly."
"He sure does have those pirates wrapped around his finger." Kerun smiled.
"Maybe you want to be wrapped around someone's finger too?" Jushiaren suggested.
Annoyed at the image of a certain gypsy lady that invaded his mind, and had so often visited his dreams, Kerun shook his head.
"But maybe I should return to Acicade. My mother would love to have me closer."
"I like her, she is nice to me."
"You like everyone who's nice to you."
"Isn't that the way to do it?"
Kerun ignored the comment and mused on. It would be easier to pass messages from home to Marigan if he was at Acicade. Maybe more knights were troubled by this problem. Siblings, friends and lovers did not always end up at the same castle. The busy schedules he'd come to know didn't help to keep in touch with others.
"Maybe there's work for me to do in that direction..."

Kerun and Jushiaren joined the Fugue Armada as Dispatcher
Jushiaren found a lifemate in Wind Feymilawis (Knight: Tjenzina)

The Others
Marigan - Aimon - Kerun - Tjenzina

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