Name: Asia
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Description: Blond-haired and brown-eyed, Asia is a quiet and demure young woman with a good heart and a soft demeanour.  She can often be found helping out or running errands for the people of the Weyr. She is quite capable of caring for herself, but try telling her brother that. 
Hobbies: Looking for the good in things, hoping. 
Skills: Determination and perseverance. 
Family: Her parents work in the Weyr as supportive personnel. She has an older brother, Ynu and younger sister, Asha
Pet: Green Sorai (f) from
Starburst Weyr
Bond: Green Siarnath from Alternate Benden Weyr

Rukbatís gentle rays pressed against the aged stone of Bendenís immense Bowl, but did little to alleviate the persistent winter chill. Asia and her siblings were working through one of the many chores theyíd been assigned since arriving in Benden. This morning they were cleaning the herdbeast pens. It was something they'd helped with before but that didn't help with the smell.
Suddenly though, Asia and the other candidates were ushered back to the barracks to change into their white robes. What followed was a chaotic dash to make sure they were on time for the hatching. The three siblings only made it in the knick of time. On the Sands, the first shell cracked as Akyth thrummed a lyrical welcome, her pale hide glowing faintly in the thin, wintery light. Danath settled at her side as the dark, wet nose of their first hatchling peeked through. Eyes whirling a tranquil blue, Danath added his own deep warble to that of the queen - the thrum picking up as the hatchling struggled free.
A bronze, several greens and a few browns hatched and impressed. Asia was happy to see her brother impress a brown, but soon her attention turned back to the sands. One more brown and two blues hatched and then the big egg cracked and out rolled twin dragons that were a very dark blue. Unusual colours, but then the sire was a very dark blue-black dragon as well. 
More blues, greens, browns and a bronze hatched turning the sands into a loud and vivid place. But as the hatchlings impressed, none of the other eggs hatched, almost as if they were waiting for something. With a loud clap, one of the bigger eggs hatched and another blue-black male stepped away from the shards. A few more dragons hatched, even a small white dragon. Asia was absolutely delighted about the colours and gasped when she saw one hatch that was almost the colour as Ravith had seemed though her rider had assured them she was white. Maybe this dragoness had also been coloured by the sand? Then there was one that seemed to be something between brown and bronze, followed by a true brown. The lighter-coloured brown hatchling was angry with the brown one and, trilling in annoyance, she proceeded towards several rocking eggs, giving them experimental taps and nuzzles - then slapping two of them with her tail. The first cracked spectacularly, revealing two sinuous green twins. The pair blinked up at their sister with wide blue eyes - but otherwise remained where they were. The amber looked miffed, but didnít do anything else, simply moved along. 
The paler of the twin greens moved only after the amber had gone, nuzzling her sister, then moving off towards the candidates. Her darker sister followed in her wake, casting only a cautious glance back towards the amber before focusing on the candidates herself. That momentary distraction did cause the darker of the pair to walk straight into her future rider, with Fiarnath squawking in surprise before looking up at Beck with rainbow eyes. The paler twin seemed pleased, then moved towards the girls, quietly informing Asia that her name was Siarnath.


Siarnath waited patiently for her bond to wake up. Asia had promised they'd go flying today and Siarnath had woken up before dawn with big expectations of the coming day. She was usually a very restrained and polite dragoness but when it came to flying, she just lost all the things that restricted her. 
Flying with her rider was her favourite pastime and while they got to do that a lot while training, it wasn't the free flight they'd do today. So it was with sparkling eyes and panting mouth that Siarnath greeted her bond.
"You're lucky I like you." Asia grinned sleepily.
"We're flying today." the dragon told her.
"I know you can't wait, but let me get dressed and fed and then we can leave."
Yawning and stretching Asia proceeded to get ready. She tried not to let the excitement of her dragon get to her, but it was hard when she was just barely containing her mindvoice to project their plans to the entire weyr. So Asia rushed and just 15 minutes later she was ready to face the day. 
"Let's go." she told Siarnath and was rewarded with a loud bugle.  


Lantessama Isle