Visions of A             
           Summer Sun

Eggs lay spread over the dunes. Not very promising to be gold eggs, but neither of the siblings cared really. To own a flit, even if it was a green or a blue would be a step closer to the dream they all shared. A dream, and not much else.
The three of them were weyrbrats and no searchdragon had even so much as glanced at them. Ynu, the eldest being 23 was starting to get frustrated. It didn't help that his two sisters mocked him with his changing voice, a thing that had started and never really settled in the young man. Somehow, in his head, impressing a dragon would save what dignity he still had. He could understand the dragons not liking him, he had a tendency of being clumsy and had stepped on many tails while helping the weyrling trainer. Working there brought him closer to the dragons, but it also made it painfully clear that a lot of the hatchlings bonded to younger people.
Shaking his head sadly, he combed his hand through his shaggy brown hair and sighed in the heat. Even after living here several years he hadn't adapted to the heat. His skin didn't tan, it just burned and then became white all over again. 
His sisters, an inseparable duo of blond-haired, brown-eyed girls were walking behind their brother, looking for an undisturbed nest, or a forgotten egg they could try to hatch. Both of them were looking more at the scenery than at the eggs. They had tried this before and it had never worked. Asia, the middle sister, was 17 and she was still hoping to find an egg, though she knew her sister Asha had stopped hoping. It was unlike Asia to give up easily, but sometimes she thought that maybe Asha's way was better. At least the 16-year old never seemed to become sad that yet again they had found nothing.
"Do you think we'll find any?" Asia asked.
"Not a chance." Asha answered without even the slightest pause.
"How can you be so negative?" Asia asked.
"I'm not negative, I'm realistic."
"It sounds the same to me."
Before the two girls could begin arguing - a pastime they both loved - Ynu turned around and with one of his silent gazes stopped them. He didn't know how he did it, since they did also make fun of it, but one of those glances was enough to quiet them down for a while.
"We'll just go till the far end of the beach and then return before it gets too dark." he announced and both girls nodded. It wasn't dark at all, but even Asia was close to giving up.
Trotting without paying much attention to where they stepped in a zigzag pattern from the shore to the edge of the beach, a cry suddenly sounded from the forest.
Asia and Asha looked up startled and noted their brother standing with ducked shoulders, looking toward the trees.
"Not again!" Ynu muttered to himself.
"What happened?" Asia asked.
"I stepped on something." Ynu said with a blush in his face, "I think it might have been a dragon."
"How do you keep doing that?" Asha giggled.
The blush on Ynu's face darkened to something a bit closer to anger, but Asha ignored it, her brother knew better than to shout at her. Besides, what she had said was true.
"Hello?" Asia called into the bushes, "Anyone there?"
"Sorry if our brother hurt you!" Asha yelled, dodging a glance from Ynu she knew was coming.
A slim form stepped out from the bushes, though blond and short, the young woman had an air about her that made their laughing stop.
"I think Ravith was only hurt in her pride." the young woman said, grinning a bit herself, "Though she should know better than to leave her tail on the beach where anyone can step on it. My name is Astrid."
Ynu's cheeks flushed again and the young man was more than happy that the dragonrider didn't seem to notice it.
A strangely coloured dragonhead suddenly peeked out from the bushes and the dragon called Ravith followed her rider to the beach.
"What colour is she?" Asia asked, having never before seen one.
"We call it dawn where I'm from, it's like a different shade of white, which is why she is so small." Astrid explained Ravith's unusual colouration. She just hoped the explanation would be good enough to hold out in Benden as well. Just in case, she'd been powdering Ravith's hide with white clay powder from the beach. "Why are you out si far from the Weyr?" she casually changed the subject of conversation. 
"Oh we were looking for firelizard eggs." Asha said.
"But we didn't have any luck." Asia added.
"I bet there aren't any new nests around here anyway." Asha shrugged.
"Oh, Ravith just said she nearly trampled a hidden clutch when she was landing." the young woman said so casually she clearly never had to wait to get a firelizard.
"Where?" Ynu asked.
"A little while back, I'm surprised your dragons didn't tell you."
"Oh, we don't have dragons..." Ynu started.
"You don't? But Ravith is sure you three would impress."
"We lived in a Weyr our entire lives and no search dragon has indicated us." Asia said.
"Hmm... Well, I could always bring you to other Weyrs, I know of some that would take Ravith's judgement though she technically isn't a search dragon."
"What dragon is she?"
"The best, of course." Astrid smiled, "Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise of your own dragon. So how about it, will you come with me?"
"It's what I've always dreamed about." Asia smiled, of course I'll come."
"Me too." Ynu said.
"I'd like to get to that clutch on the beach first." Asha said, nudging Asia's arm, "We're this close."
So even Asha hadn't abandoned hope altogether. Asia smiled and nodded.

Coming to the clutch, Astrid had to show them where exactly to dig. Even though the clutch was well hidden, no firelizard was in sight.
"I'm pretty sure Ravith scared her away." Astrid said a bit sad, "Ours don't burrow anymore. But then... we have to feed all of them." she smiled.
"What do we do?" Asia asked.
"Well take one egg each so the mother can come back later and wait for your eggs to hatch." Astrid said, "Or does it go different here?"
"No... it's just it never worked before."
"Oh." Astrid said, "Well trying with these won't hurt."
Not much later the eggs started cracking. Asha's egg was the first to break. A small brown head burst through the scale and suddenly Asha was holding a squirming baby brown firelizard in her hands.
"Quickly feed it." Astrid said before Asha could drop the flit.
Nodding, Asha pulled out a meatroll and placed it in front of the flit who eagerly started biting away on it.
Next egg to hatch was Ynu's. His egg cracked neatly in half and a blinking blue firelizard sat in his hands, looking at the world around it before it remembered it was hungry. Creeling the blue looked up at Ynu and was rewarded with another meatroll.
Last to hatch was Asia's egg. Having a bit more trouble with the shell, the firelizard took it's time. But finally, a nose peaked from the shell. A nose that was green!
"You shall be Sorai." Asia said as if she had all planned this before, "Hungry?"
The girl quickly shoved a meatroll within the firelizard's range.

Asha's Brown Nari (m), Ynu's Blue Aoee (m) and Asia's green Sorai (f)

"Ravith is ready to fly you to the searching Weyrs now." Astrid said after the three siblings had impressed.
"Wait? We won't be going to the same Weyrs?" Ynu asked.
"Not really." Astrid said, "Is that a problem?"
"No." Asha said.
"Not at all." Asia said.
"It will if I can't keep an eye on them!" Ynu said.
"Brothers." Asia snorted, "We're not 6 anymore."
"That's why I worry."
"If the clutch is large enough, they probably won't mind three candidates from the same family." Astrid said soothingly and the two girls grudgingly agreed to the compromise.
"So where are we going to be dropped off?" Asha asked.
"Well I'm supposed to head to Benden next." Astrid says, "How about I take you there?"
"Sounds cool." Ynu sighed, ready to leave the hot sun of the Southern continent behind them. 

To be Continued on separate pages.

Lantessama Isle
Flitters from Tripaldi Weyr, Eriol Weyr and Starburst Weyr