Name: Asha
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Description: Blonde-haired and brown-eyed, Asha certainly isn't unattractive as a girl-next-door type. She is the youngest in the family and feels as if she needs to do just as good as her brother and sister, but she wants that now. On a rational level she knows they have more experience because they're older, but on an emotional level she feels a bit inadequate. Which is why she hides behind a facade of indifference.
Hobbies: Brooding.
Skills: Though she doesn't use it much, Asha has a good singing voice. 
Family: Her parents work in the Weyr as supportive personnel. She has an older brother, Ynu and sister, Asia
Pet: Brown Nari (m) from
Tripaldi Weyr
Bond: Blue Sidareth from Alternate Benden Weyr

Rukbat’s gentle rays pressed against the aged stone of Benden’s immense Bowl, but did little to alleviate the persistent winter chill. Asha and her siblings were working through one of the many chores they’d been assigned since arriving in Benden. This morning they were cleaning the herdbeast pens. It was something they'd helped with before but that didn't help with the smell.
Suddenly though, Asha and the other candidates were ushered back to the barracks to change into their white robes. What followed was a chaotic dash to make sure they were on time for the hatching. The three siblings only made it in the knick of time. On the Sands, the first shell cracked as Akyth thrummed a lyrical welcome, her pale hide glowing faintly in the thin, wintery light. Danath settled at her side as the dark, wet nose of their first hatchling peeked through. Eyes whirling a tranquil blue, Danath added his own deep warble to that of the queen - the thrum picking up as the hatchling struggled free.
Asha watched in wonder as the hatchlings broke from their shells and impressed. Ynu impressed early on and did well with a brown. And then a little while later Asia impressed a pale green hatchling that was part of a twin. One after the other the hatchlings impressed and none had even so much as looked at her. Fear gripped her heart. Some of the more unusual colours in the clutch were still waiting. Asha knew when she noticed the reactions, that not all of the people could see the colours as they appeared for her. She didn't know why that was happening. Although, maybe it had something to with how Astrid had insisted that her dragon, Ravith, was white. She hadn't been of course, she resembled the pale pink hatchling that had just hatched. A bright orange hatched only moments later. Could she hope one of them would find her worthy? But that didn't seem likely. She was a plain Pernese girl after all. 
Still, she looked hopefully as the dawn-coloured hatchling went from egg to egg, nuzzling each and urging them to hatch. And as the dawn hatchling waited for one of the last eggs to hatch, Asha found herself eyed by a light blue hatchling that looked like a misty sky. He couldn't have been prettier and he was hers.
"My name is Sidareth." he told her. 


Sidareth followed Asha as she walked toward the training grounds. They were just about finished with training but Asha had always been one to put in extra effort if it meant she could get ahead. After months of training it would feel strange to have all that freedom while looking for an assignment. 
While walking, she once more noticed that not everyone knew how many different coloured dragons were in attendance. She'd been careful with her questions but had noticed that even her brother and sister didn't see them. But Sidareth did. So it wasn't something exclusively hers. 
"It's the magic." Sidareth told her.
"You never told me that before." Asha replied.
"I was under orders not to." the light blue admitted, "But the magic doesn't seem to work on you."
"Cool." Asha remarked, finally something she did better than her siblings.
"But it is hard to not talk about it."
"You could with some of the others." Sidareth remarked.
"But what if they're surprised that I know and try to do something about it? I don't want to be spelled again. What if it sticks and I won't see your beautiful colour anymore?"
"I'm just a regular blue though." Sidareth told her.
"No way. You're a misty sky blue." Asha insisted.
"We could always move off-world." Sidareth told her matter-of-factly, leaving Asha wide-eyed and mouth agape.
"There are other worlds?!"
"Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that." Sidareth chuckled, "But yes, lots of the riders here come from different worlds. Some of them have dragons, others house stranger things."
"Maybe I should." Asha mused.  

Lantessama Isle