Gudrunas Dragonry

Somewhere on the Planet of Nemista lies Gudrunas Dragonry. It is a small dragonry that's kept a rather low profile in the fighting but it's ready to step up and defend it's castle from invaders. The Megelle and Legionaire are two off-worlders, which might be why they're as of yet unattached to one of the nine castles. Besides, the region is rocky and not all that fertile, too much trouble to add to existing territories, many people seem to agree. Whatever the case may be, the castle is growing and the people living in the vicinity seem to be content to go about their lives.  


Beithir Wing

Kirsten Opal Inthyr Magelle
Hyster Yellow Topaz Merinor Legionaire
Milner Ruby Fudagor Knight
Gouda Emerald Ohuyr Sorceress
Rollim Sapphire Kraetor Knight
Dysgone Amber Baumyr Sorceress
Duncan Diamond Baxtor Knight - Trainer
Lythe Onyx Silhyr Sorceress
Finley Quartz Derkor Knight
Esme Aquamarine Yudoyr Sorceress
Shellay Topaz Ergendor Knight
Wayward Garnet Pygunyr Sorcerer - Searcher
Alane Amethyst Tivalyr Sorceress - Healer
Nele Peridot Ruicyr Head Mistress
Dresden Sinhalite Levinor Scribe
Graham Tanzanite Zeulvor Tactician

Planet Nemista was created by Xalia
More information on Nemistan Dragons can be found here
Banner image is a picture of Eilean Donan Castle I took in June 2022
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