As usual the day was pleasantly warm at Dawn, with a light breeze cooling down the stone-covered area that led to the sheltered deep cavern. It had rained that morning, and the area around the castle seemed to be caught in a fog that made the stories about pirates and bloodshed all the more believable.

Once everyone had gathered, the heavy doors to the deep cavern opened and the two draks strode out, each accompanied by her draklings. They settled on opposite sides of the door. Meyanal waited patiently as Kuniri strode forward and named the first. They took turns calling out on of their young ones.

"Rügosla. Don't worry about limits." Meyanal advised and a forest drakling came forward. She was a bit more relaxed than Gisanri and took her time to make her way to the aspirants where she sniffed and nuzzled Seanna. The drakling pushed her little body to the girl and refused to budge.


Seanna and Rügosla were trained by Corilyn and Rain Meyanal (knight exploring)



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