The Return

"Are we ready to go?" Ysvelt asked as he looked over his shoulder to the Weyrbowl of Ryslen. The sun made the mountainsides a deep orange. It was pretty, but not as pretty as the sun reflecting on the whites and blues of IceLand. They belonged there.
"I'm good!" Lityan shouted and crouched down to take as many wind when Nizryth would take off. Chaltyk nodded and put on his sunglasses.
Ysvelt raised his arms to signal he was taking off and gave Myoth the ok signal. The dragons flew up and hopped between mid-air.




The South

The six of them resurfaced above a collection of trees. Unlike most of the trees they'd seen back home, or even at Ryslen, these had thick, bright green leaves, bordering on yellow even. Everywhere there was green. As far as they could see there was forest.
"Is this really IceLand?" Lityan asked.
"It doesn't look like it." Chaltyk added.
"But I'm sure it is." Ysvelt added, "Our dragons wouldn't be wrong."
"Why did people ever leave here?" Lityan asked.
"It wasn't always like this here." Nizryth said.
"Can dragons look into the past too?" Chaltyk asked.
"No." Xersenyth said, "But the others told us."
"The others?"
"The dragons and their riders that live here. They came to protect the planet." Myoth said. The implications of his words made everyone silent.
"Can you imagine dragonriders on IceLand?" Chaltyk said, noticing the irony of it all.
"Doesn't seem possible." Ysvelt said.
"Why didn't they come forward to iceLand?" Lityan asked.
"Because dragons are bad omens." Xersenyth said.
"Because the people of IceLand wouldn't be able to handle it."
"Because they're still waiting."
"I want to talk to them." Chaltyk said, as usual taking the lead.
"I'll lead us there." Xersenyth offered.

Lantessama Isle

The dragons of Syl'Neriss, as the dragonriders had dubbed the planet, or maybe even taken from the old histories of the people of the planet itself, were all stationed on an island just of the coast of the main continent. On the continent was a village with farming grounds and cattle. Fishing boats could be seen on the waters.
"They can find food all year round." Lityan said.
"To support themselves and their protection." Myoth nodded.
"Neither of these settlements could live without the other." Nizryth added, "This planet is still in danger."
"Danger?" Lityan asked with a trembling voice.
"From some black things." Myoth said, "They're rather vague about it."
"They seem to be dragons too... or you can adopt them anyways." Xersenyth said.
Landing on the grassy plains in front of the mountaind, the three riders were welcomed by a friendly-looking woman with brown hair, blue eyes and a way of walking that seemed like she was to be reckoned with. A strict mother hen who was able to keep order among her chicks.
"Welcome to lantessama." She said, "My name is Maira. I heard you're from North."
"We came from Ryslen." Lityan nodded.
"Good. We've been urging searchriders to rescue some of you for years now."
"But some of us still die." Ysvelt mumbled.
Maira looked at him for a moment and then did the unthinkable. She hugged the tall man, who was still young seen in the light of the average lantessaman lifespan and said:
"We are not god. We can only do so much."
"They saved us." Chaltyk said.
"You have me now." Myoth added.
"Now. Let's get you three settled in." Maira continued as if nothing had happened.

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