High in the mountains around Ryslen a spot of brown gets your attention. Behind the brown are two smaller shapes, a purple and a blue one. All of them lay down sleeping. The valley they are laying in is white, the snow maybe two inches high.
Close to the dragons is a forest and inside the forest are three humans. Hunting.
Lityan crawled behind a rock and waited as she saw the bunny eating some left over grass the trees protected from the snow. Lityan smiled. Bunnies were hard to catch. They had a sixth sense about danger, almost like dears.
Chaltyk lurked behind a tree. The forest was a bit small for three people to hunt in. He had almost missed Lityan. He couldn't risk getting another one of her prey if he wanted to win the girl for him. He thought he had made it clear, but apparently the message hadn't gotten through yet. Chaltyk watched as Lityan closed in on the bunny and aimed. Her bow spun tight. Then she put it down and shook her head.
What had just happened? Chaltyk came out of the bushes and said:
"I thought you wanted to come hunting."
Lityan looked up, surprised someone had seen her.
"This isn't hunting, I didn't feel the rush, the satisfaction of getting food. Most likely because I'm not hungry."
"Coming here has changed us all."
"I think I'm going back to Nizryth."
"I'll come too, Xersenyth could use some attention."

Ysvelt waited for Myoth to wake up. The hunt hadn't been successful, he had never been that good at it. He was more of a worker than a hunter. But Lityan had insisted he'd come and have some fun. He was bored to death.
He couldn't just leave though, they would think he was still grieving. He had mourned Greyne and was past it. He had found a new life to live. But he wasn't too happy about staying in Ryslen. It was too warm to his liking. Maybe Lityan and Chaltyk would let him return to IceLand.
"Is there a lot of Ice in theis Land?" Myoth asked.
"Yes, as far as you can see. And snow and mountains."
"Sounds great."
"Yeah, and with you with me I could fly around the world and see what's beyond the valley."
"An adventure." Myoth remarked sleepy.

Lityan and Chaltyk returned to the valley and found the three dragons sleeping.
"Have they been good?" Chaltyk asked.
"Yes, they slept all the way through it."
"Good." Lityan said and gently petted Nizryth.
"What did you guys caught?"
"Too few animals?"
"No, too faint of heart." Chaltyk said and shook his head in the direction of Lityan.
"Somehow I didn't expect it."
"Nah, we don't need to hunt like in IceLand."
"Speaking off, would you guys mind if I went back with Myoth?"
"And do what? Scare villagers with your dragon."
"I could do that, but no, I was going to do some exploring."
"If you can use some company I'd like to go with." Chaltyk said, "Now all we need is to convince Lityan to come too."
"Oh, I'm coming." she yelled from behind the three coloured mounts.
"I thought you couldn't hear us!" Ysvelt shouted back.
"I could, dragons aren't concrete walls!"




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Chaltyk, Ysvelt and Lityan impressed at the Ryslen Flurry 2002!!!