The Hatching

Chaltyk entered the sands wearing something he had gotten from one of the other off-worlders. The man had called it: sun-glasses. He didn't think they blocked out the sun enough though, he could still see it, but people laughed when they saw him and he liked that.
"Wearing your sun-glasses again?" Lityan asked.
"Yes, I look Cool." he said.
"Cool, I think you might as well look cool in this heat." she said, tossing out another fur.
"Yeah, they keep insisting it is winter."
"Have you seen Ysvelt? I wanted to speak with him again before the eggs hatch."
"He's at the sands, looking at them. I think he's getting better."
"I hope so."
Lityan danced away as Chaltyk tried to grab her.
"Still to quick for you!" she smiled and ran off.

"Ysvelt! Where are you" Lityan said as she entered the gloomy cave.
"Here he said." He was sitting in a dark corner.
"Why are you here?"
"The dragons won't let me get any closer this close to hatching."
One little egg suddenly got Lityans attention.
"hmmm, why is that one wiggling?" she asked.
Ysvelt only looked at her, trying to determine if her joke was for real.
"Let's get ready!" she called, "Hurry!"

Outside the Sands Lityan screamed for Chaltyk to get ready. Dragons soon started to bugle and people from all sides started pouring in. Right, left, up...everywhere.
Lityan had agreed to wear a traditional impressing robe for the hatching. The white dress fell loosly on her ankles, bound round her waist with a white cord. The two males had politely refused to wear a gown. They'd keep their animal skins. All three of them however wore the Ryslen banners. Lityan had used them to keep her hair back, Ysvelt had tied them around his wrists and Chaltyk had braided some strands in his hair.
They were well in the hatching before an egg hatched that got their attention. The brown dragon had something very familiar. He looked like a stone they had in IceLand. There it was called Bearskin, but here people had named it Tigers Eye.
The brown kept looking at Chaltyk, who, using an old hunters trick looked back to see which would give in first. The brown snorted and gave up coming closer to Chaltyk and naming himself Xersenyth.
A short while later a purple dragon appeared in the chaos of shells and dragonets getting out. Chaltyk, who was waiting with his Xersenyth for the others to impress looked at her admiringly. She was high on her haunches making her fast and she looked like she could move like shadows in the night...
She wasn't fast enough to elude Lityan though. The girl turned at the exact moment the dragoness got ready to jump her from behind. She took a step to the right and avoided the sweep the dragon was playfully aiming towards her.
"Nizryth..." she said, letting the magic of the moment grasp her. Than she smiled:
"You'll need to practice more to catch me."
She turned back to Chaltyk and said: "Looks like you've got a partner for your training."
Xersenyth yawned and smelled the purple dragoness to see if she was ok. After she had swiped him from his paws he decided she'd be good enough to join the club and pulled her down, biting one of her paws.
"I'm not food" she screamed at him.
When Lityan and Chaltyk averted their attention from their dragons back to the sands they saw Ysvelt hugging a little blue horned dragon.
"Myoth" Ysvelt said.
"I think it's time to leave." Chaltyk said, "You're starting to look yummy to me." he said to Lityan.
"What, don't I always look yummy?"
"Of course you do..." Chaltyk said, looking a bit squashed when he saw her laughing.
"Why you!" he said chasing her out the Sands, followed by three dragonets and Ysvelt.




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Chaltyk, Ysvelt and Lityan impressed at the Ryslen Flurry 2002!!!