Name: Xandrya
Gender: Female
Age: 12

Family: Mother Tygra, Father Marnyx and older brother Guryn.
History: Xandrya is the youngest of the IceLandic children at present. She is a rambunctious little troublemaker.
Personality: Xandrya is a rambunctious little troublemaker with charm to spare. She gives the adults one pleading look with her big brown eyes and most of the adults and older children give Xandrya what she wants. Though mischievous, Xandrya is by no means spoiled or lazy. 
Hobbies: Xandrya loves animals and has been spending a lot of time with the local animal farmers lately.
Skills: Xandrya has a nice singing voice and a sense of rhythm.
Pets: Green Christmas Lights Firelizard Spark (from Isla Weyr)

The green lights firelizard took hold of one of Xandrya's braids and carefully lifted it to make the girl follow her. 
"Spark knows what I want." Xandrya grinned as she approached the wolves. Hugging the rust-brown female around the neck, Xandrya looked her in the eyes and asked: "Will you stay with me?"
So far for letting the animals choose for themselves, Koy thought, but he and the others waited with held breath to see if the wolf would fall for the girls charm.
"I will, Xandrya." she said, "You can call me Wahka Kohuchi."


Species: Winged Wolf 
Clutch: Winter Gather 2020 (Nidus Novalux)
Color: Rust Brown with white feather tips, paws, nose and belly.
Stage: Adult
Sex: Female
Size: Average

STATS: [Koy] [Vaughny] [Yavis] [Theyan] [Giye] [Rakyu
[Yishia] [Renylde] [Keryk] [Havoy] [Durya] [Guryn] [Xandrya]

Lantessama Isle.