Name: Giye
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Family: Mother Layra, Father Biroy and Younger Brother Havoy. 
History: Though both his parents were hunters in their former life, Giye has no love for it. Instead, Giye is a studious person who spent most of his time growing up in the library. 
Personality: Giye is a studious person, serious with a big sense of responsibility. He feels every decision should be well deliberated and can come across as indecisive. 
Hobbies: Reading, learning new things
Skills: Since he spent so much time in the library he's become very good at filing away charts and books. He knows where everything is and often guides visitors. 
Pets: Ice Firelizard Crystal (from Isla Weyr)

Getting up from his sitting position, the grey and white winged wolf got up and headed for the IceLanders, finally stopping in front of Giye. His newly bonded firelizard Crystal seemed to approve and landed on the wolf's head.
Giye, worried the firelizard might hurt the wolf, tried to take her away, but the wolf said: "leave her, she likes me and I like you. You may call me Wyse Hallaar."


Species: Winged Wolf 
Clutch: Winter Gather 2020 (Nidus Novalux)
Color: Grey and White
Stage: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: Average

STATS: [Koy] [Vaughny] [Yavis] [Theyan] [Giye] [Rakyu] 
[Yishia] [Renylde] [Keryk] [Havoy] [Durya] [Guryn] [Xandrya]

Lantessama Isle.