Name: Wodan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Wodan is a lanky boy with brown curly hair that hangs to his shoulders. He has blue eyes, a straight nose and thin lips. At his age he's hitting that growth spurt and starting to bulk out. 
Personality: Wodan is the gentlest of the twins, he has a soft spot for animals and children and often acts as a babysitter for the younger children at Dawn Cove.
Family: Parents, twin brother Rowan, younger sister Emmaly
Skills: Soothing in times of need, handicrafts (especially nature-themed)
Pets: --


The announcement that the Mermay Mini Frenzy was hatching came during one of the many events the Refugium had organised to entertain the waiting candidates and sponsors. About half the spectators and several members on either side of the hydroball court scrambled to get to where they needed to be, leaving the rest of the people to either follow to watch the big event or go home.
The hatching grounds were abuzz with more activity than usual. Only a few clutch parents were visible above the surf; the glenn dragon mother carefully guarding her nest of eggs, wreathed in seaweed and sat between the crags of a rocky outcrop. The asandus mother and her fiery mate, chasing around their clumsy-footed liveborn offspring as they nagged Zeskod for extra treats from the feeding tables. The other parents appeared as silhouettes or bobbing heads just above the surface of the water.
Though the parents were different species and had laid eggs at different times, somehow the hatchlings inside knew that the time was there to hatch or be left behind. One after the other the eggs started rocking as the race to find the optimal bond or sponsor began. 
A deep teal glenn-kelp sat perched on the edge of his nest, surveying his siblings. He darted between struggling eggs to help pull stragglers from their shells. Once the eggs were all broken and the clutch gathered around their mother for a quick cleaning, he determined his job complete and trotted off from the nest.
A trio of teenage humans were splashing with the nekrat parents, clearly comfortable with the large aquatic dragons. The teal made his way toward the least rambunctious of the group and prodded his mind gently.
:: Excuse me :: he said :: I'm Luqon. I know I'm not a nekrat, but I think I could be a lot of help and I'd really love to come with you, if you'll have me. ::
Wodan turned away from the games to face is new bond, a warm smile stretching his face. He crouched low in the water, holding a hand out toward Luqon. "I'd love that."
Luqon beamed and swam toward him.

Name: Luqon
Gender: Male
Species: 1/2 Water Glenn Dragon, 1/2 Kelp Dragon
Adult Height: 6' at shoulder
Color: Teal
Abilities: telepathy, teleportation, water manipulation, water blast breath
Personality: The gentle-hearted and tender Luqon feels a little out of place at Dawn Cove - being a glenn-mix in a sea of nekrats! He is shy and often feels quite lonely, except when he's in the company of his bond. He adores Wodan and never wants to let him down. Luqon adores children, especially young dragons, and is always eager to play with new hatchlings or babysit clutches. He's too timid to initiate any fun games, but Luqon is responsible and observant. A vigilant, soft-hearted, protector.


Luqon watched from the shallows as his bond was once again minding the children. Not much had changed in that regard, but it made Wodan happy so Luqon didn't mind. Only, that left him on his own and he felt a bit uncomfortable around the nekrats. He was just, different. 
Wodan didn't understand the problem, they were all seadragons, but Luqon wanted to remind him about all the strange people at the Refugium and wondered how Wodan would feel if he was dropped as a lonely human amongst a one of those pink blob societies. 
But Wodan's mind was elsewhere, once again Luqon saw his gaze wander toward the brown-haired, grey-eyed human maiden who was bonded to that half-nekrat, half-dolphin, tiny-part Pernese Maegolth. As he thought of her, the white-gold dragoness' head perked up and looked around as if she'd known he'd been thinking of her.
So maybe Luqon wasn't completely surprised when Maegolth approached him later and asked:
"Does your bond like mine? And I mean like in the romantic way."
Maegolth had never been one to sugarcoat things after all, she was pretty direct.
"I think he does." Luqon agreed.
"How about you ask your bond out for a swim tonight and we can set them up."
"Just like that?" Luqon asked.
"The rest is up to them." Maegolth decided, and she told Luqon where they would meet.
Feeling slightly optimistic to have found someone to talk to, Luqon didn't dally and invited his bond as soon as he could. Wodan agreed after some emotional blackmail about how long it'd been and the two of them where out swimming when Luqon felt Maegolth approach. He brushed by her, feeling his rider panic as his love-interest appeared before him.
"Be yourself and ask her." Luqon urged him, and then added: "Good luck!"
But Wodan stll took the better part of the next five minutes to form some words. Luqon worried Fiyra might think him dumb or an idiot but finally he managed:"Would you like to go out with me?" 
And oh wonder, the girl agreed with a shy: "okay."
Luqon felt happy and then his own heartrate sped up as the sleek white-gold dolkrat brushed up against his side and added: "I can't wait to go on a date."

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