Name: Rowan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Rowan is a lanky boy with brown curly hair that he keeps quite short, he doesn't like it hanging in his neck. He has blue eyes, a straight nose and thin lips. At his age he's hitting that growth spurt and starting to bulk out. 
Personality: Rowan is the loudest of the twins, he's usually the one to take the lead. He likes coming up with games and plans and is very inventive.  
Family: Parents, twin Wodan and younger sister Emmaly
Skills: constructing things, inventing games
Pets: --


The announcement that the Mermay Mini Frenzy was hatching came during one of the many events the Refugium had organised to entertain the waiting candidates and sponsors. About half the spectators and several members on either side of the hydroball court scrambled to get to where they needed to be, leaving the rest of the people to either follow to watch the big event or go home.
The hatching grounds were abuzz with more activity than usual. Only a few clutch parents were visible above the surf; the glenn dragon mother carefully guarding her nest of eggs, wreathed in seaweed and sat between the crags of a rocky outcrop. The asandus mother and her fiery mate, chasing around their clumsy-footed liveborn offspring as they nagged Zeskod for extra treats from the feeding tables. The other parents appeared as silhouettes or bobbing heads just above the surface of the water.
Though the parents were different species and had laid eggs at different times, somehow the hatchlings inside knew that the time was there to hatch or be left behind. One after the other the eggs started rocking as the race to find the optimal bond or sponsor began. 
A deep black nekrat cracked out of his egg with a thunderous boom, dashing into the water in a swirl of lightning strike fins. As quickly as he dove he began to surface, his bright eyes zeroed in on precisely the right bond for him. A trio of teenagers - one already bonded to a dragon - were visible as messy silhouettes at the waters surface.
The storm kit locked onto his target, thrust his tail, and sprang.
If he'd been fully grown, he would have caused quite a bit of damage, but as he was only a hatchling he merely sent himself and Rowan tumbling back into the water as he careened with the young boy's chest.
:: I'm Thuvad and we're going to do great things together! ::

Name: Thuvad
Gender: Male
Species: Nekrat
Adult Length: 60'
Color: Storm
Abilities: telepathy, teleportation, underwater breathing
Personality: Thuvad is a thrill-seeker with a ride or die attitude. He's beyond loyal to Rowan and is eager to egg his bond into a leadership position at Dawn Cove. Thuvad has grand ideas; for the future, for the cove, for himself and Rowan, and is stubbornly steadfast when it comes to enacting his plans. He's a risk taker that doesn't mind gambling the outcomes of his actions.


"Emmaly and Avati ditched work again." Thuvad told his bond Rowan.
Rowan sighed. What had happened to his little sister? She'd run after him and his twin brother, Wodan every chance she got. And now she seemed to only want to cause mischief.
"As I hear Wodan tell it, she's always been the naughty kind." Thuvad said.
"For a kid that's cute, but she should be thinking about growing up. Like us."
Rowan felt like taking care of a growing dragon had matured him. The both of them had agreed that they would climb the ranks and be all they could be. To be the leaders they both had the potential to be. But his sister kept thwarting him.
"Speaking of Wodan, I hear he's gotten engaged." Thuvad let slip.
Rowan's mouth dropped open and he stuttered: "He... he didn't tell me."
"As I hear it was a rather sudden affair. It might not take long for him to move out on his own."
Rowan let the information seep in. How had his quiet brother managed to be the first to find a wife? He hadn't even been thinking about settling down, only about rising in the ranks.
"There's nothing wrong with settling down after we've gained the rank we want."
"That's true." Rowan agreed, but still it stung.
"If you're so wounded by it, I know a couple of batchlorettes who might be to your fancy."
"Maybe I should get out a bit more and get to know my peers." the young man agreed. 

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