Name: Emmaly
Age: 16
Gender: Female (but heading toward non binary)
Description: Emmaly is a slight, boyish girl with brown curly hair she usually keeps tied in one or two pony tails. If she'd have it her way she'd just keep it short but for now she's appeasing her mom by letting it grow. 
Personality: Emmaly is a tomboy. She's precocious, curious and mischievous. If there's trouble, you can suspect she had something to do with it. But she is also smart enough to know when to vanish.  
Family: Parents, two older twin brothers (Rowan and Wodan)
Skills: Making things fun.
Pets: --


The announcement that the Mermay Mini Frenzy was hatching came during one of the many events the Refugium had organised to entertain the waiting candidates and sponsors. About half the spectators and several members on either side of the hydroball court scrambled to get to where they needed to be, leaving the rest of the people to either follow to watch the big event or go home.
The hatching grounds were abuzz with more activity than usual. Only a few clutch parents were visible above the surf; the glenn dragon mother carefully guarding her nest of eggs, wreathed in seaweed and sat between the crags of a rocky outcrop. The asandus mother and her fiery mate, chasing around their clumsy-footed liveborn offspring as they nagged Zeskod for extra treats from the feeding tables. The other parents appeared as silhouettes or bobbing heads just above the surface of the water.
Though the parents were different species and had laid eggs at different times, somehow the hatchlings inside knew that the time was there to hatch or be left behind. One after the other the eggs started rocking as the race to find the optimal bond or sponsor began. 
With both her brothers bonded and the frequency of hatchings dwindling, Emmaly was beginning to worry. Not that she'd show it - especially not in front of the boys. Rowan was off splashing around with his storm kitten and Wodan was busy teaching his glenn-kelp all he knew of nekrat kittens, which left Emmaly with few playmates left to splash around with. Time to cause some trouble, she thought. 
:: Not without me! :: shouted a bright mind-voice. A flashy seaweed nekrat zipped toward her, splashing everyone in her path with obnoxious slaps of her tail fins. :: I'm Avati, I'm sorry I kept you waiting! ::

Name: Avati
Gender: Female
Species: Nekrat
Adult Length: 31'
Color: Seaweed
Abilities: telepathy, teleportation, underwater breathing
Personality: Avati is playful and mischievous with a relaxed attitude. She doesn't take much in life seriously and isn't worried about consequences, largely because her mischief is benign. Even so, when faced with punishment or dislike she merely shrugs this off and carries on unperturbed. Avati feels best when she's in a group and loves being surrounded by friends.


Avati and Emmaly returned to Dawn Cove and both took to their new bonded life with ease. They were very much alike and hardly needed the telepathy to tell the other what they were planning. Which was just as well because that meant nobody could overhear what they were plotting.
Certainly not Emmaly's brother Rowan and his bond, Thuvad who were hoping to gain favour with the elders by ratting out Emmaly and Avati any chance they got. He could try all he like, they were their own people and would do as they pleased. Within reason. 
"I heard rumours that your brother has gotten engaged." Avati told her.
"Rowan did?" Emmaly asked eagerly hoping it would get him off her back.
"No." Avati grinned, "The other one."
Now Emmaly was truly surprised, Wodan hadn't seemed like the sort to be the first to find a girlfriend. But they did say that quiet waters ran deep. 
"That might still play into our favour." Emmaly decided, "Maybe now Rowan will try to catch up and forget all about us." at least she hoped that would be the case.
"And then we can have fun all we want." Avati agreed.

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