Name: Sanka
Gender: Hermaphrodite (mostly female)
Approximate Age: 25
Description: Sanka is covered in grey scales. Her tail is exceptionally well armoured and would pack quite a punch if she'd actually use it that way. She has bony ridges on her face and quite large eyes that seem to be able to hypnotise others. Her nose is short and squat, causing her to snort sometimes. 
Personality: Sanka is as sweet as they come. She is a vegan pacifist who would stop to save bugs if they ventured onto the ship walkways. She is friendly and open and easy to befriend. She isn't stupid but can be naive which makes her an easy target for swindlers. Sanka usually has some idea about what is happening but tends to want to err on the side of optimism. 
Family and History: Sanka grew up in a small family. She wanted to help out from a young age. Studying economy was Sanka's way to help her family balance their funds. Joining the fleets meant she would be given room and board which would eliminate costs. The only drawback is that she's away from home often. 
Hobbies: Counting coins, double-checking calculations and making new friends. 
Pets: Probably has a lot of plants she talks to. 
Firelizard: Metallic Speckled Blue-Pink Trois (m) from Dragon Pact



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