Name: Harom
Gender: Hermaphrodite (mostly male)
Approximate Age: 24
Description: Harom has a very unusual blue scaled plating with lighter cream colouring on belly, palms and the soles of his feet. A symmetric tail paired with his stunning white curved horns means that he gets a lot attention from others. His small green eyes show his intelligence and kindness. He moves elegantly.
Personality: Harom likes to tinker with mechanical objects. From a young age he tended to lock himself into rooms to play and experiment with robotics. He isn't unfriendly, it's just that he has little patience and interest in talking. He honestly doesn't see what others find attractive in him and gets awfully confused/embarrassed when others try to push him.
Family and History: Harom grew up in a family with little social interaction. The siblings were given lots of opportunities but little time to interact with others. Harom has little that binds him to his parents. He doesn't intend to visit them (doesn't see why he should either). 
Hobbies: Tinkering, making robots and moving things. 
Pets: Do robots count as pets? 



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