Name: Drie
Gender:  Hermaphrodite, mostly female
Approximate Age: 21
Description: Drie has a golden yellow scaled hide and two rows of horns on her head. One of her underarms had to be amputated but she has a fully functional prosthetic so she doesn't feel she has a disability. Drie has small yellow eyes and a large snout. She tends to snore and puff. 
Personality: Drie is a young but feisty woman who holds her own in a wide variety of social circles. She can be as rowdy (and randy) as the boys on the spaceships but can just as well hold her own on a high society ball. But to be honest, she prefers to be in the company of a few good friends where she can be completely herself: a quick and sharp thinker who appreciates sarcasm but doesn't like to hurt people with backhand gossip or crude remarks. 
Family and History: Drie grew up in a privileged family but rebelled against that environment as a teen by choosing to study space navigation. She is away from home for the most part of the yearly cycle and doesn't mind that much.
Hobbies: Looking for unknown heavenly bodies.
Pets: --



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