Name: Pembe
Gender: Hermaphrodite (mostly male)
Approximate Age: 30
Description: Pembe has orange-red scales, pronounced eye ridges and two sets of large horns. His whiskers often move and seem to give an indication of his mood. His bright red eyes seem to pierce through lies. His long tail is very agile and has often helped him keep steady during rocky space travel.
Personality: Pembe is a leader and will not tolerate disobedience. As long as people live by his rules while on his ship he is pleasant and civil. People who dare to break them will suffer as example for the others. There are rumours about what those punishments might be but in Pembe's current crew, nobody has dared to test them. Some people are wondering if maybe the rumours were spread by Pembe himself. 
Family and History: Pembe spent a large part of his youth on ships so it wasn't a surprise when he joined the fleet after he graduated. He rose through the ranks quickly and has been the captain of his ship for three years now. 
Hobbies: In private Pembe enjoys reading and watching comedic shows. 
Pets: Radioactive Green Black-striped Inse (f) (original artist, coloured by Bughnrahk)



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