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Mind Pairing

Gruyzel called for the aspirants to come to the deep caverns. Many followed as the castle that had struggled over the past years now finally seemed to be on track again. People were hopeful and this clutch, parented by the new rulers, was a beacon of hope for the future.
Gruyzel led out her three draklings and Yukafe seemed to grow a size or two as he stood beside her. The dark storm dam and the bright fire sire were each other's opposites in colour but they worked well together.
"Thank you for coming." Gruyzel greeted the assembled crowd, "I'll introduce my children and then they will be allowed to meet everyone present."
She turned and ushered the three young draks forward.
"My daughter Yifeel." Gruyzel introduced the dainty ore.
"My sons Wuelfe and Seelfe." she said, pointing in turn to the desert and mud.
Gruyzel then took a step back and the three draklings started their round through the room. They talked with those present, both aspirants and those working at the Castle. Their mother had insisted they were free to choose who they'd pair or even if they wanted to pair at all. Regardless of which they chose, there would be a place for them.
Wuelfe was the first to make his decision. As was expected of a desert, he went with his feelings and once he'd made his decision, he did not see the need to complete the tour of the deep cavern. The drakling sat down next to Tessa, the deputy who was currently between assignments.
"I feel we will strengthen each other." Wuelfe said.
Yifeel figured that a logical approach would be best. She could eliminate a lot of people on sight. She carefully avoided those she wasn't interested in and kept returning to a female musician from Acicade. The woman was maybe older than was usual for an aspirant but Yifeel liked her quiet, calm energy.
"I'll follow you to your home." Yifeel promised.
Seelfe dutifully worked his way around the room and spoke to everyone while his mind kept returning to one young man in particular. A promising young man. Luckily for him, Seelfe didn't mind getting his feet wet.
"Calig, I'll join you." Seelfe said at the end of the evening when the party was dwindling down.

Calig (m) and Mud Seelfe (m)
Tessa (f) and Desert Wuelfe (m)
Mirrim (f) and Ore Yifeel (f)


Mud Seelfe
Trainer: Veerle and Fire Gri´kisdu (knight & guard training)
Adult image: Here


Desert Wuelfe
Trainer: Reidel & Fire Vlatasu (Knight training)
Adult image: Here


Ore Yifeel
Trainer: Marion and Forest Nahosdi (Knight & Diplomat training)
Adult image: Here

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