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Welcome to Savannah Castle!
It is almost dark when you re-enter Icarus from the portal, the rider in front of you screams something over his shoulder, but you don't understand him because of the wind battering around your ears.
When the drak takes a dive, you squeeze the rider in front of you nearly in two. He probably had said that you were going to land. After falling off the draks back, and quickly standing up, you turn bright red.
Looking around you, you see a castle just over the hills a few miles away from you. You look behind you and see a rather strange monument.
"It dates from the crash. It's the ship our ancestors used to come to Icarus."
A little bit angry at the man, you turn around on your heals and walk as quickly as you can towards the castle. It takes a rather long time because of the desert sand under your feet, and the hot atmosphere you're in.
When you finally arrive at the castle (all sweaty, thirsty and tired), you see that the rider who had brought you here is laughing really loud with a pint in his hands. Turning red again, now of frustration, you walk to him and almost start to tell him clearly what you feel when a young woman stops you.
"Don't feel bad. Egan here does it all the time. You'll get used to it eventually, perhaps once you have bonded. I'm Una, High Princess of this castle, Is there anywhere in particular that you want to go to?"


01/11/2023 Added racers to the Main Cavern adoptables section.
01/10/2023: Storm Gruyzel's clutch paired. Rain Innui has taken up the deep caverns with a small clutch. Expected mind pairing will be around december 2024.
20/07/2023: Savannah Castle is open. Gruyzel's Clutch will hatch around the 15th of september.
14/07/2023: Added some knights to the armadas and changed the layout to be more appropriate for present screenresolutions.
21/11/2020: Links and such have been updated. Savannah Castle isn't open for adoptions until further notice.
13/11/2020: Oh my! It's been years! My sister stopped paying for the planeticarus domain so I'll be hosting all our old castles and the general websites on my own lantessama account. For now everything is closed. Should adoptions open up again, they'll probably happen on na one-to-one basis. We'll see. Let's first get everything linked and working.

Savannah Castle was founded on 10/01/2006

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