Name: Mirrim
Age: 31
Gender: female
Description: With shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes and a naturally tanned complexion, Mirrim is perfectly equipped for a life of travelling outdoors. However since she married and had children, the former travelling bard has become a court musician. As eldest daughter in her family and now a mother of two, Mirrim has adjusted to a life of caring and being prepared for just about everything. She keeps track of appointments for just about everyone in her extended family, frets when someone is late because she's worried something has happened and always carries around a bag of 'necessities' going from snacks, water, handkerchiefs, first aid kit and basic mending equipment. Mirrim hardly has time to spend by herself, but when she does get a moment of peace she likes to read (or sleep). 
Family: Married to Paul (m, 33) with 2 children: Ondine (f, 14) and Menos (m, 15). Mirrim has 4 siblings: Laurence (m, 28), Nioi (f, 24), Rachelle (f, 21) and Werner (m, 20). She also has 2 cousins, children of her father's surviving brother: Farain (m, 19) and Zion (f, 16).
Instrument: Lute
Pets: Red Vulpa Scarlet (f) from Savannah Castle
Drak: Ore Yifeel (f) from Savannah Castle.


Mind Pairing:
Gruyzel called for the aspirants to come to the deep caverns. Many followed as the castle that had struggled over the past years now finally seemed to be on track again. People were hopeful and this clutch, parented by the new rulers, was a beacon of hope for the future.
Gruyzel led out her three draklings and Yukafe seemed to grow a size or two as he stood beside her. The dark storm dam and the bright fire sire were each other's opposites in colour but they worked well together.
"Thank you for coming." Gruyzel greeted the assembled crowd, "I'll introduce my children and then they will be allowed to meet everyone present."
She turned and ushered the three young draks forward.
"My daughter Yifeel." Gruyzel introduced the dainty ore.
"My sons Wuelfe and Seelfe." she said, pointing in turn to the desert and mud.
Gruyzel then took a step back and the three draklings started their round through the room. They talked with those present, both aspirants and those working at the Castle. Their mother had insisted they were free to choose who they'd pair or even if they wanted to pair at all. Regardless of which they chose, there would be a place for them.
Yifeel figured that a logical approach would be best. She could eliminate a lot of people on sight. She carefully avoided those she wasn't interested in and kept returning to a female musician from Acicade. The woman was maybe older than was usual for an aspirant but Yifeel liked her quiet, calm energy.
"I'll follow you to your home." Yifeel promised.

Trained by Marion and Forest Nahosdi
Knight & Diplomatic Training


Mirrim returned to Acicade Castle and found that the others in her extended family were still waiting at various castles around Icarus. Waiting to meet up would have to go on a little longer. The organised mother resigned herself to writing more letters and tried to keep herself busy. And that proved to be easy as a couple of days after her return she was approached:
"Welcome back, Mirrim." Kharone said genially.
"It's good to be back. I didn't mind the plains but I missed the scent of the forest." Mirrim replied.
"Especially now when early autumn is upon us." Kharone agreed.
"But you're not here for a casual chat." Mirrim prodded.
"No, I'm not." Kharone agreed with a small chuckle, "In fact I've come with a proposition. We'd like you to take on creating a new armada for Acicade."
Mirrim frowned and opened her mouth to speak.
"Wait!" Kharone quickly interjected, "This wouldn't be a fighting armada. I wouldn't ask that of any of your family unless they'd truly want to join one of those. No, we just don't want to lose your family and all the entertainment it brings. So we'd like to officially hire you to work as ambassadors for Acicade Castle. You'd probably be asked to carry a message or visitor on occasion. Maybe act as a replacement in our stead at times. Me and Ryvon think you would do splendidly."
Kharone waited expectantly while Mirrim let the offer come through. Being in an official armada would mean her family would be allowed some extra privileges. And their draks would receive good care. It certainly was a generous offer. But Mirrim wasn't born yesterday. She knew the leaders of Acicade would also get something out of this so it wouldn't hurt to try and get something extra out of the deal.
"I want to get final say in those extra jobs. If there's something that doesn't sit right with me, I want to be able to refuse it."
"You'd think we'd asked you to join the Ninjas or something." Kharone grinned, "But that's okay."
The High Princess looked rather smug so Mirrim feared she might not have gone far enough in her request.
"I guess we'll have to wait and see." she told Yifeel.
"I think she meant it when she said she wanted to keep your family around." the ore drak answered.
"How so?" Mirrim asked, she'd never really considered leaving Acicade anyway.
"You're the first one to understand the power of music. It sways the hearts of people. It can incite rebellion as well as subdue anger. Having an armada of musicians to sing the praises of Acicade could be a real asset."
"I hope that's their plan." Mirrim smiled, "I wouldn't mind doing that.... although I can't control what music is composed by the others."

Yifeel joined the Sonata Armada at Acicade Castle as High Knights
Mated with
Earth Brando

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