Name: Mirrim
Age: 31
Gender: female
Description: With shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes and a naturally tanned complexion, Mirrim is perfectly equipped for a life of travelling outdoors. However since she married and had children, the former travelling bard has become a court musician. As eldest daughter in her family and now a mother of two, Mirrim has adjusted to a life of caring and being prepared for just about everything. She keeps track of appointments for just about everyone in her extended family, frets when someone is late because she's worried something has happened and always carries around a bag of 'necessities' going from snacks, water, handkerchiefs, first aid kit and basic mending equipment. Mirrim hardly has time to spend by herself, but when she does get a moment of peace she likes to read (or sleep). 
Family: Married to Paul (m, 33) with 2 children: Ondine (f, 14) and Menos (m, 15). Mirrim has 4 siblings: Laurence (m, 28), Nioi (f, 24), Rachelle (f, 21) and Werner (m, 20). She also has 2 cousins, children of her father's surviving brother: Farain (m, 19) and Zion (f, 16).
Instrument: Lute
Pets: Red Vulpa Scarlet (f) from Savannah Castle
Drak: -- (?) from ??? Castle. (ore?)



Trained by --
Knight Training



??? joined the Sonata Armada at Acicade Castle
Mated with ???

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Farain - Adrienne - Dennis - Zion - Guardia - Menos - Ondine


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