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Welcome to the Armada's!
There are a total of 5 armada. Each has its meaning, and each has a different purpose to the castle. All the Armada's here were named after a colour.


Golden Coloured Armada

The Vanna Armada is the leading Armada of Savannah Castle. It houses the High Prince and Princess and other important entities like Judges and Diplomats.

Violet Coloured Armada


Knights of the Ianthe Armada have miscellaneous duties in and around the Castle. Such as transport, welcoming, healing, training etc. 


Dark Coloured Armada

The Dugan Armada houses the fighters of Savannah castle. These knights patrol the surrounding lands and make certain the region stays safe for humans and draks.

Smooth Light Coloured Armada


Knights of the Gaenor Armada serve as guards for Savannah Castle. They monitor what happens in and around the Castle closely, trying to identify dangers before they become a real problem.


 Dark Flower Armada

The Melanion Armada houses the scouts and explorers. These knights might be away for long stretches of time as they carry out their missions. The armada also serves as guinea pigs for the Castle scientists. 

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