Mesgri caught his first caterpillar at the age of 6. The small gold-yellow crawler had ventured into his family's garden and came face to face with the big-eyed, blond boy who had stolen some cookies from his mother's kitchen and was now eating them with great pleasure. 
Chirping sadly, the caterpillar made for the boy and was rewarded with a livelong bond... not too mention a free supply of cookies wherever he went.

After a few years, Mesgri's caterpillar, who had received the name flame because of his many dangerous encounters with the hot whispy substance (it turned out to be easier just to shout 'Flame!' when the caterpillar came near it, after a while Flame just started to react to it as if it was his name), pupated. 

At 14, Mesgri is the head catcher of caterpillars and Star Dancers. It is very unusual that someone this young has achieved the position, but even though they could have given the title away to another person, there's no merrit in hiding the truth and that truth is that Mesgri and his Furry Sun Flame catch more butterflies than anyone else. Together they walk through the jungle as if it is just a neatly kept park with roads as broad as highways.
Flame has evolved into one of the rarer star dancer which have legs as well as wings. However, Flame doesn't have arms which limits his functioning a bit when it comes to carrying things.