1. General info
Name: Svarpian
Size: Medium, about 6 meters of length.
Care: Part Time
Bonder: Not necessary
Stages: egg, hatchling, child, adult

2. Care Instructions
Svarpians live in the Ryvern Marshes on the northern side of the Isle. They are solitary creatures that don't need a lot of attention. They can slitter soundlessly over about any surface and through shallow waters, floating on their flippers. Those flippers and the end of the tail have tiny suction cups to enable them to climb walls and trees. 

3. Mating Info
Once a year all svarpians gather and hold contests. The winners of those contests are allowed to mate. This is how svarpians ensure the hatchlings will be strong. The female(s) lays around 20-40 eggs shortly after. Only one half of the eggs are offered to the Center to adopt out. This of course has to do with breed survival. One or two people have been known to go to the marshes and try to get an egg themselves. None have ever returned. 
Females and males are allowed to compete every year, however it is unlikely they'd win two years in a row. 

4. Colours
MURKY GREEN: The most common of Svarpian, murky greens are pretty easy to keep happy. They can go a long time without food and care.
MUD BROWN: Beware the trees...mud browns like to reside in them, softly creeping down behind you. Brown svarpians enjoy to scare people.
CAMOUFLAGE: Anyone ordered a stealth expert? Camouflage svarpians are often so well hidden even the most trained explorer won't know what hit him.
GREY: Greys are used to living close to the mountain. They like rocks and don't mind the cold. Greys feed off small creatures.
BAMBOO: Strong and sadistic these are the absolute loners among the Svarpian. They don't yield to anyone but they might just let you accompagny them for a (short?) while.
BLACK: Blacks are the high rulers, strong and brave with more stamina than other Svarpians. They don't often bond with humans though. Bonded blacks have a tendency of becoming somewhat lazy.
BURGUNDY: Burgundies are very noticeable, they are red in a totally green environment. They like attention and company slightly more than other Svarpians.
WHITE: Albinos are very uncommon. They are a bit shy and aren't as strong as other Svarpians. They are very intelligent and can often learn to speak. In the wild these svarpians have to use their wits to stay out of danger's way.

Pastels are a cross between whites and any other colour. These will be handed out to very good pages and as gifts. A pastel is basically duocoloured, intelligent and very sweet. So not like a svarpian at all :p


The colours go from very frequent to very rare. But don't be fooled, not all "rare" svarpians are "high" in value. A lot of them wouldn't stay alive for long in the marshes. Personally we like the bamboo one a lot more }:)