1. General information
Name: Wicena
Size: Medium, about the size of a horse
Care: Full Time
Bonder: Vital for survival
Stages: egg, hatchling, child, youth, novice, master, (grand master)

2. Care Instructions
Wicenas are graceful flyers that live in the high mountains in the middle of Gineya. All wicenas are born as pures and named by the residing grand masters. Afterwards they choose their bond and will train with him/her. When the new wicenas reach youth stage they are called back to the Vale and judged by the grand masters. Each grand master will then take on some students and grant them their first power and colouring. When the wicena is found fit he/she will graduate to master and get two more skills. The colour given at the novice stage is permanent and will determine the strengths, weaknesses and magic of the wicenas.
For a list of powers wicenas can study, visit this page.

3. Mating Info
Wicenas mate for life, so choose carefully. Wicenas can mate all year round and usually the female has a small clutch of 2-5 eggs. They can mate from masterhood which is the adult stage. The skills of the parents will have nothing to do with the skills of their children, the human trainer however has a great influence.

4. Colours
AIR: Common. Air wicenas command the element air with basic skills like commanding the wind direction and levitation.
WATER: Common. Water wicenas command the element water with basic skills like healing and casting rain.
FIRE: Common. Fire wicenas command the element fire with basic skills like creating flames and shielding.
EARTH: Common. Earth wicenas command the element earth with basic skills like causing draught and particle telekinesis.
FOREST: Common. Forest wicenas command the plants with basic skills like increasing grow and hiding.
EMOTION: Common. Emotion wicenas command animals and humans with basic skills like causing intense emotion and hypnosis.
SPIRIT: Common. Spirit wicenas can read the unique energy of our thoughts. They understand the fabric of reality and command it's energy.
LIGHT: Unusual. Light wicenas spend a lot of time thinking about what is right. They feel a higher calling and keep the peace with basic skills like light and healing.
DARK: Unusual. Dark wicenas tend to have bigger plans for everyone, like it or not. They get bored easily and love to play tactical games with high stakes. Basic skills are creating shadows and poisoning.
PURE: Rare. Exceptional wicenas who live to serve and sacrifice might become pure. They possess great power that surmounts to being able to alter time and history, but also great responsability and morals.