1. General info
Name: Star Dancers
Size: Very small
Care: part time
Bonder: Not necessary, although they like human company
Stages: Caterpillar, pop, butterfly

1. Care Instructions
Star dancers live all around the big Morning Fog River. During the day you might spot a caterpillar that didn't get in the trees at the right time, but never the butterflies. They only come out at night to watch the stars and listen to the music of the water.
You can lure an adult Star Dancer by playing music on a full moon. A group of Star Dancers will group around you, but only one will pick you. If you're not overly gifted with music you can always adopt a caterpillar from the local Gineyan Staff.
No-one can tell for sure why every Star dancer is different, you can spot some basic categories, like Kolibrie, Princess, Dragonfly etc. Some scientists have suggested their genes are highly mutational.
Since most of the caterpillars are caught around the river the grown butterflies have wings and a fishtail. Sometimes catchers venture further into the forests to catch stranger dancers.

1. Mating Info
No-one exactly knows how Star Dancers mate. The little critters have been able to successfully shield their mating from human eyes in the thick forests around the river. On special request however we can arrange to mate two Star Dancers and let people adopt from their caterpillars.

1. Colours
Each Star Dancer is unique, and therefore all colours are possible. What kind of character they have is up to you. Special preferences can be added to the form.
Star Dancers come in 13 different categories, each having their own wings, arms, heads and tails. For a list of basic categories visit the Category Page. You can ask for a "pure" star dancer, but most dancers are crossbreeds (especially the interesting ones).