Name: Theyan
Gender: Female
Age: 15 (16 at impression)

Family: Mother Tryl and Father Dey, Younger sister Durya
History: Theyan is as lithe as her mother was and looks like a boy even though she's starting to grow up and being interested in the other sex. With her mother and uncle on the small side, it doesn't look like she'll grow much larger. 
Personality: Theyan is a real girl. She likes pink, frills and romance. She's just started to be interested in boys and hates the fact that she's so boyish, just like her mother did at her age.
Hobbies: Theyan enjoys running and being active.
Skills: The long jump, she also has great aim.
Pets: Chocolate Firelizard Bark (from Isla Weyr)

ďItís timeĒ came the telepathic call to any who would hear it.
Candidates, spectators and officials all hurried to the designated place in the Drift. The drak mothers still had their wings screening their eggs from view, and dozens of the hundred or more visible eggs were rocking where they sat, the little dragons within working on the double to out and find their One. Though not all of these would need to bond to survive.
Eggs hatched one after the other, the resulting hatchlings showcasing a myriad of features, colours and patterns, though with the expected white and snowflakes being the most abundant. Trying to follow the hatchlings soon became impossible as they mixed with the novos.
The next egg to hatch seemed to gently pop itís top off, and the hatchling inside - a delicate pink - stretched cutely before hopping out. She had a light pink sawtooth crest and ridge down her tail and silver-sailed hathian type wings, with spars that were about as long as her front limbs.
Many wondered if this hatchling would be able to fly, but she was hovering now by sheer force of will.
The short-winged pink Hathian-hybrid bounded across the sands in larger leaps than a dragonet her size should be able to due to her wingless flight ability. She purposefully tumbled after her last leap to land dramatically in front of a regrettably-boyish young woman. Theyan smiled at the pink hatchling, and her chocolate brown firelizard chittered encouragingly at her.
ĎMy name is Zemza! Letís go play!í


Name: Zemza
Eastern Ryshathian
Parents: Dreaem & Blizza
Ryslen Flurry 2021-2023
6 feet at the shoulder
   * Telepathic Speech
   * Verbal Speech: Hathian draconic language only
   * Teleportation (self):
   * Wingless Flight (Self-Telekinesis)
   * Assisted Fire Breath: Can breathe fire if firestone is chewed as fuel.
Note: Snowflakes CAN inherit from these dragons as their mother had non-flurry snowflake markings.

STATS: [Koy] [Vaughny] [Yavis] [Theyan] [Giye] [Rakyu
[Yishia] [Renylde] [Keryk] [Havoy] [Durya] [Guryn] [Xandrya]

Lantessama Isle.