Name: Vaughny
Gender: female
Age: 17

Family: Mother Shyoban, brother Koy, step-father Ysvelt
History: Vaughny was only 2 years old when she, her mother and brother were rescued by Ysvelt, Lityan and Chaltyk. They were transported to Ryslen where her mother and the other adults that escaped with them impressed flurry dragons. After the dragons matured, they moved back to Syl'Neriss and continued living on the Island of Lantessama. 
Personality: Vaughny is a quiet and reserved young lady. She was raised to be polite and righteous. Hearing stories of the old way of IceLand made her yearn to know her roots. Though not particularly stubborn, she is determined to make her dreams into reality. 
Hobbies: Vaughny has learned a lot of traditional crafts from her mother (baking, weaving, knitting) but she also likes to take long walks and keeping in shape.
Skills: Vaughny is a good conversationalist, she is polite and reserved but can also charm others into following her dreams.
Pets: cookie firelizard Aura (from Isla Weyr)

It was on one of the earliest expeditions to the main continent of Lantessama that Vaughny's life changed considerably. Her brother Koy had impressed about a year before, bringing a beautiful white glenn dragon back to live with them. As the dragon, Yzel, grew, he would be able to carry quite a few of the Icelandic children on his back. Vaughny wanted to bring all of them back to IceLand so they could discover their heritage.
But she was not stupid. Only Koy was older than her and she knew it would take a lot of convincing to get her mother to agree to let her go on an overnight trip, let alone take a bunch of the younger children with her. She needed to make a proper campsite, a safe place and more than one dragon to protect them. Well maybe Dreaem would agree to come. He liked playing in the snow after all. 
But they weren't there yet. Vaughny wanted to explore the more temperate Southern half of the continent. After all, why stop with just an outing? Why not try to persuade the IceLanders that they could take refuge in the south, that it was safe to do so, that the shadow of the dragon was real, but they had allies that would keep them safe.  
But she was getting ahead of herself. Her brother would be back for her in a couple of hours and she wanted to look for a decent campsite before he'd come to pick her up. To let him know where she was, she'd have her firelizard Aura fly up into the sky to help locate her. 
In response to thinking of her, the firelizard chirped happily and nuzzled her ear before returning to taking a little nap as she was draped across her shoulders. Trust a firelizard to relax while they were exploring. 
A sudden stirring in the nearby bushes made Vaughny tense. Sure she wasn't in the icy north... but there were still dangers here. Wild animals for instance; But wouldn't Aura have alerted her of something like that? The firelizard was still sleeping. 
The rustling resumed and a large, scaly head appeared before her.
"Oh Good. A human!" a voice sounded in her head.
"Hello, You don't look like the dragons I know." Vaughny answered.
"I kind of got lost." The dragon said, "And I hurt my wing when I landed."
Worried, Vaughny tried to locate the injury, wondering how bad it was.
"Oh, it's nothing that bad, I just won't be able to fly for a while. But finding a human slike yourself will help speed up my recovery."
"How so?" Vaughny answered.
"You can help keep the wound clean and check it. It's in a place I can't quite reach." the dragon admitted.
"What is your name?"
"You want to know?" the dragoness, for that was the air she gave off, asked.
"Of course." Vaughny said, after all it would only be polite to introduce herself at this point. "My name is Vaughny. I'm a native of IceLand, but I've been living at Lantessama Isle for most of my live. Which is where I learned about dragons."
"There are others of my kind here? How wonderful. My Name is Tessoro, rider mine."
"Rider?" Vaughny asked.
"That is the consequence of knowing my name. Would you prefer otherwise?"
"Oh no, I'd be happy to be your bond." Vaughny insisted, "I never heard of bonding after hatching though."
"Times aren't so archaic anymore. Freedom of choice and all."
"It doesn't seem like you had much choice in the matter."
"I could have refused giving you my name." the dragoness puffed, "I very much like your thoughts. They're quite relaxing. A thing your little pet discovered ahead of me."
Vaughny laughed, "Aura loves to nap."
"You're soothing. You might just be blessed." 


Species: Scaled Dragon 
Clutch: Birthday Giveaway (Digitalis 2021) 
Color: White with gold markings
Stage: Adult 
Sex: Female 
Size: Medium to Large

STATS: [Koy] [Vaughny] [Yavis] [Theyan] [Giye] [Rakyu
[Yishia] [Renylde] [Keryk] [Havoy] [Durya] [Guryn] [Xandrya]

Lantessama Isle.