As Syl'Neriss was drawn into the Elsewhere and the first Black Shadows started investigating this little gem of a planet, the people that survived the cataclysm fled North. They created a community they called IceLand. During the summer season the IceLanders spread out and live in small buildings with a communal hall, family huts and fortifications (usually walls). During the cold winter season they come together in a cave complex near the sea. 
These people are very superstitious, believing shadows and dragons to be bad luck and avoiding getting lost in the open at all costs. Since their life is hard, they can't spare much compassion. Over the years some of the outcasts were rescued by the dragonriders of Lantessama Isle and found as candidates for the winter hatchings. 
About 15 years have passed since the first IceLanders impressed and the next generation of Lantessama-born natives have hardly a clue about their origins. Which is why they plan to visit their home... and maybe some of them want to do something to improve the lives of the people who are still suffering there. 

Prologue: Winter Gather 2020
(Koy's impression)
Part1: Returning in a gust of frost (with pets)
(Vaughny's impression)
Part2: Setting up the camping trip
Part3: Exploring
Part4: Snow and Rescue
Part5: Reindeer Festival at Lantessama Isle
Part6: Reunion

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Lantessama Isle.