Lantessama Isle - Records

You look around the stacks of papers and books that are lying on the tables, trying to ignore the sounds of arguing produced by the two clerks, Ergo and Olga. It seems like they've done this before so you stay quiet and look at records of clutches that have hatched at Lantessama.

New Records


 [2021] [2022] [2023]
 [2021] [2022] [2023]

Old Records (2003-2007)

Regular Dragons:
Holiday Dragons:
Nekrat Dragons:
Shadow Dragons:
Flower Dragons:

 [Clutch 1-5] [Clutch 6-10] [Clutch 11-15] [Clutch 16-21]
 [2003] [2004] [2005] [2006] [2007]
 [Clutch 1-5
 [Clutch 1-5]
 [Flower 1- 61] [2021+]

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