Lantessama Isle - Adoption Rules & Form

The preferred way to adopt at Lantessama Isle is to send in a candidate. Your candidate can be a detailed stats page or a story. Anything that can help me identify what dragon to hand out since the dragon colours are based on personality. Candidates should be accessible on a webpage or equivalent ( forum, google docs, etc.) so people who'd like to see them can come and visit. 

Candidates are accepted from the age of 15 (mostly gone through puberty) up until 30 (young adult) or the equivalent if your candidate isn't an earthling. All genders and orientations are allowed. Cross-gender bonding isn't unusual so let me know if you have a preferred gender of dragon. 

Put a warning up for readers if stories become graphic in ways that could be considered offensive.

As it is time-consuming to care for a dragon, please make sure your candidate doesn't have too many pets. 

Please provide a link back to Lantessama Isle so people know where the dragon came from.

Please save the image of the dragon on your own harddrive and upload it to your webpage/equivalent. Updates will be posted to the Nexus forum and discord, will be announced on the main page of this website and will be mailed to the participants of the relevant clutches.

Since some Festival Dragons and Gem Dragons are quite small they can duobond, meaning two can bond to the same person, or one can bond to a dragonrider with an adult dragon or a candidate with a single small species dragon can go on to bond with another sentient creature. Regular Lantessaman Dragons and Nekrats don't duobond. When the option is available, an extra box will appear on the form. 



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Candidate's Gender:
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Dragon Names:
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