Sunsparkle Reflection

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Name: Sunsparkle Reflection
Age: 157
Gender: Male
Description: Sunsparkle is a slight man, on the shorter side at about 1,6 m with long red-brown hair, grey eyes, pointed ears, a straight nose with a bulbous tip and a square chin. He is nothing special to look at, in fact you hardly notice he is there with him being small for an elf. He likes to wear earthy colours. 
Personality: Sunsparkle is a quiet but attentive man. He has little presence and that suits him just fine. He can blend into crowds and not even all of the residents of WindChill know who he is when he goes out for a stroll among them. He is a simple man with a great sense of duty but he lacks pride and ambition. 
Family/Bio: Sunsparkle was born to Light of the Galaxy and Ripples in the Lake and grew up in a loving environment with ample opportunities. He was blessed with parents who neither were too close nor too distant and he was free to make his own choices while feeling loved and supported. Sunsparkle doesn't believe in Fate, but somehow he was in the right place at the right time to have been offered the leadership position of WindChill. The unassuming elf had to take some time to decide, but he has not come to regret his decision to take up the responsibility of leading the settlement/Castle. 
Pets: - 
Drak: Plant Cucurbita (m) - private template. 

: sarcastic and prone to stating problems and faults in people's plans.
Cucurbita and Sunsparkle Reflection are High Prince of the Frost Armada
Mate: Ore Jasperu


Intro - Lantessama Isle
Background from Deaimon Anime