Essence of Moonbeam

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Name: Moonbeam
Age: 103
Gender: Female
Description: Moonbeam is an elf of average height with pale skin and black hair. She has grey-blue eyes, a straight nose, full lips and playfully angled pointy ears. She is often seen rushing from one job to the next, and always seems to be working on something. Moonbeam loves to dress in flowing dresses, opulent capes and whimsical scarves. She favours blue and silver colours but sometimes adds in something a bit bolder. 
Personality: Moonbeam is industrious and creative. She keeps getting distracted and juggles about half a dozen projects at any given time. She does finish up her projects but some will take a little longer due to other projects being things she enjoys more or things that are more urgent. She has a great memory and will never forget a project that's been pushed to the back.
Family/Bio: Moonbeam is the daughter of Star of Dawn and Violet Ray. She has two older brothers and a youonger sister. Growing up in a busy family she grew quite tolerant of noise and excitement around her. Moonbeam was not looking for love. Neither was she thinking of relocating, but things just happened like that. One day she was happily working on a project for one of her mentors, the next she was being introduced to the new leader of a branch city. Before she even knew it, the unassuming man had swept her off her feet and she was as committed as he was to make WindChill a success.  
Pets: Skates (Winged Cat from
Nidus Corona)
Drak: Ore Jasperu (f) - private template

Name: Skates (M070)
Coat: Blue Sooty White Tailed Velvet Checker

Breed: Wild Eyes: Orange
Size: 24 Domestication: 50
Friendliness: 75 Noisiness: 12
Genetic Code:
   B+//B+ (Homozygous Blue)
   CT//C+ (Velvet Checker, Carries Barred)
   So//+ (Heterozygous Sooty)
   Wt//+ (Heterozygous White Tailed)
   +//+ (Homozygous Yellow Iris)
   Blue White Tailed Dark Checker Raven (F058)
   Blue Sooty Velvet Checker Onyx (M057)
Personality: a little somber, but ultimately very friendly to those who are patient enough to let him open up to them.

: Calm and collected, very stable. Will always weigh pros and cons before making a decision.
Jasperu and Essence of Moonbeam are High Princess of the Frost Armada

Mate: Plant Cucurbita


Intro - Lantessama Isle
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