Icarian Draks K-O
Names with a * at the end are First generation Draks.

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Kaaowen* Forest F Knight Transport
Kaayri* Wind F Knight Judge
Kachojich* Obsidian M Adult Alive
Kaivala* Fire F Knight, M Queen
Kalanor* Fire M Knight Healer
Kalixha Earth F Retired Knight
Kallaen Day M Knight Alive
Kaltase Rain M Adult 1/2 Hydrak
Kanasu Earth M Knight, M Guard
Kangofu* Earth F Knight Medic
Karosei Wind F Knight Messenger
Katukan* Radioactive M Adult Alive
Kaurynel Fire Opal F Adult Alive
Kavsk (Kayor) Fire M Adult UP
Kaydlt (Kayarae) Forest F Adult Alive
Kekardei* Forest F Retired UP Judge
Kekaune* Mud M Knight Alive
Kelislin* Night M Adult Alive
Kendola* Night F Knight Medic
Kesay Wind F Knight Alive
Keviar Fire M Knight Prince
Khiduajzt Opal F Adult 1/0
Khymelyn Night M Knight Transport
Kietel Rain F Adult Alive
Kimechash* Wind F Knight High Princess
Kinasu Day M Knight Alive
Kiriini* Fire M Retired UP Knight
Kirstov Fire M Adult Alive
Klogniar Rain F Adult Alive
Koavenei Water F Knight, M Fighter
Kochi* Plant M Knight Trainer
Koedudi Rain F Knight Alive
Kokiki Wind F Knight Pirate
Kollana* Mud F Adult Alive
Koltna (Koeral) Night M Adult Alive
Koray Fire F Deceased, M Princess
Korchanrv Ore F Knight, M Scout, DP
Kortrvan Earth M Knight Archivist
Kovadios Fire M Knight Alive
Kroxikios Night M Adult Alive
Kryokiai Day F Adult Alive
Ksamkuz* Plant M Knight, M Appraiser
Kuniri Forest F Knight, M DP
Kyensa Rain F Knight Alive

Laerdei* Rain F Retired High Princess
Lakugi Water F Adult Alive
Landeki* Plant M Squire Forms, Mail
Lantif* Ore M Deceased Trainer
Lauvakil* Opal M Knight High Prince
Leanri Water F Adult Alive
Leeyawsh Ore F Knight Fighter
Lelardu Plant M Adult Alive
Leniki* Water F Knight Guard, Judge
Lieb* Mud M Knight Transport
Liekiyn Mud M Knight, M Alive
Li´iqu* Night F Knight Guard
Liundmore* Rain F Knight Alive
Loerisph Mud M Knight, M High Knight
Lohamos* Day M Knight UP High Knight
Loixta Forest F Knight Judge
Lopinaen Desert M Knight Alive
Lu´kios Night M Knight, M Healer
Luminetry Ore F Adult 1/2
Lupix Ore M Adult 1/2 Hydrak
Lynel Rain F Adult Alive
Lynna Water F Adult High Princess

Madalloski Forest F Knight, M Jouster
Makirad* Mud M Retired UP
Malavor Earth M Knight Alive
Malcelebriso Ore M Adult 1/2 UP Flurry
Malriyn Desert M Adult UP
Maranvia* Forest F Knight Ranger
Mardini Earth M Knight Alive
Meagiki Day M Knight, M High Prince
Meddinsori Rain F Adult 1/2 DP Flurry
Meisph Fire M Knight Trainer
Melani* Mud M Knight DP
Meniiza Forest* M Adult 1/2
Meraidt* Water F Knight Alive
Merilka* Ore F Knight, M Judge
Meriw* Fire M Knight UP High Knight
Merlinarni Plant M Knight Fighter
Meyanal Rain F High Knight, M 1/2, Recon
Mikati* Rain F Deceased Knight
Mikoraob* Day M Knight Judge
Minytan Fire M Knight 1/4, Pirate
Miroski Day F Knight Alive
Misashka* Wind F Knight Alive
Missalenei Day F Knight Alive
Modnaen Mud M High Knight, M Fighter
Modynri Water F Adult Alive
Moehiya Fire M Adult Alive
Morhaix Plant M Retired Knight
Moridu Night M Knight Alive
Mydoan Desert F Adult Alive
Myrian Fire M Knight Pirate
Myrundios Earth M High Knight Guard

Naanosst Rain F Adult Alive
Naelos Plant M Knight, M Alive
Nahosdi Forest F Knight Entertainment
Naldtan Desert M Knight, M Fighter
Nalianal Water F Adult 1/2, DP
Naludi* Night F Knight Alive
Nalvorssag* Fire M Knight Ranger
Namesy* Desert M Knight High Knight
Nanahro* Earth M Knight Alive
Nanphaw Day F Knight Beautician
Neeyshaw Desert M Knight Entertainment
Nelladuar Rain F Knight, M High Prince
Nimasta* Wind F Deceased Knight
Nishi* Water F Knight Judge
Noulkarni Desert M Knight Fighter
Novaduar Wind F Adult Alive
Nuadanar* Ore M Knight Alive
Nuiranal Day F Adult 1/2, UP
Nurnaen Desert M Retired, M Knight
Nycaridu Ore M Adult Alive
Nymoszedv* Water F Adult UP
Nysyph* Day F High Knight, M Trainer



M Knight, M Entertainment


F Knight, M Music


F Adult Alive
Ohdios Plant M Knight Alive


M Adult 1/2


F Adult Alive


M Knight Alive


F Knight Alive


M Knight, M High Knight


F Adult Alive


M Knight, M Trainer


M Jr. Squire Alive


F Drakling UP


F Adult Alive


M Knight Alive


F Knight Fighter

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