Icarian Statistics

Last Updated: November 1st
Added in Creek Hueflox's Clutch and some first gen draks from WindChill.
I'll be colour-coding off-world draks by colouring them blue in the listing.  

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Purpose of this Page
Welcome to the Icarian Genealogy Center, or ICG. This is the place where you'll be able to track down the lineage of every Drak that ever existed. On the next pages you'll find an alphabetic listing of the draks, their colour, gender, age and status. Each name links to a page with more information, like where the drak was hatched, who it's parents were, where his/her clutchmates are and much more. All useful information that can tell you more about the Drak will be incorporated and (hopefully) updated regularly.

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How can you Help?
To make my life easy, you could always notify me when you see anything missing on the page. Also, something that won't be easy to figure out is the whole life mate thing. Draks can pair to other draks the same or the opposite gender. You would help me a lot by telling me if one of your Draks have made such a commitment. 

Fun Statistics
Total amount of draks listed: 524
           *First Generation: 165 of which 8 Retired and 16 Deceased
           *4 additional duowinged dragons born on Icarus, not counted in the stats, but they are in the list
Females: 245
Males: 279
Highest Generation: 6
Unpaired: 31
Drak-Drak/Dragon Paired: 34
Most popular letters: K

Day: 39 Desert: 42 Earth: 43 Fire: 51
Forest: 46 Mud: 38 Night: 50 Ore: 44
Plant: 35 Rain: 39 Water: 38 Wind: 44
Rares: 15 - Percentage of Rares: 3%

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