Tarsalia & Water Hindraar

Name: Tarsalia
Age: 36
Gender: Female

Description: Tarsalia is a slender woman with raven black hair and light blue eyes. Although she's older than Hubero, she doesn't look like it. She is blessed with a youthful appearance. Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker.
Personality: Tarsalia is a rather strong woman. She is sweet to her friends, and because of the strict childhood that she has had, she doesn't really bend any rules. She's very strict, and seems to be reserved, but nothing is less true. She is a warm woman with a big heart.
Profession: High Knight, Diplomate
: Tarsalia loves to swim, and stand on her own two feet. Being a lady, she always had maids around her who dressed her and helped her with breathing even. And now that she found a life where she can do everything herself, she loves it.

Family: Because Tarsalia was a girl, her wealthy family of only saw her as a way to expand their connections. Being married when she was just a teenager, she didn't really like her parents. Also, because they lived so far away, the relationship between daughter and parents disappeared slowly.
Short Bio
: Tarsalia had to be married to Lord Dowrim when she was 14 years old. There she had to be a perfect lady, or else she would be punished. The lord almost never let her out of the castle, but on one of the rare walks, she found a little baby that she named Hywll. She loved it as her own son, but Lord Dowrim disliked the fact his wife had something to be happy about, and ordered everybody to let the kid live in the stables, because he wasn't better for anything else. Her horrible life continues, and on one day, she meets Hubero, with whom she falls madly in love with. Together with Hubero and Hywll, they ran away from the vicious lord, and were picked up by Mary, Search rider of Chindor Castle. Full Story: here.
Homeworld: Earth
Social Life?: Married to Hubero
: Rain Fairy drak Ammexy

Name: Hindraar
Gender: Female
Colour: Water
Personality: Warm and relaxed, always peaceful.
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