Angel Northumbrian



Age 20 years
Gender Female
Appearance Cweorth is an average 20 year old girl. She has copper hair, freckles on her cheeks and little dimples when she smiles. She has a very pale skin.
Personality Cweorth is the typical fiery type of girl. She jumps on every fight, not thinking of the consequences. She will defend her friends and family in an instant when they are in danger
Tasks ?
Hobbies Cweorth loves to have her morning runs. Although she isn't a morning person, she will get out of bed for this.
Social Life? Single
Pets None
Family Cweorth grew up in a very loving and caring family with one sister.
Homeworld Earth Middle Ages
Impression --

the Hatching

Day Upsbenar had retreated to the secluded cavern inside the heart of the underground castle. Her eggs had shown signs of hatching and dutifully she had ordered everyone out with a smile. Her mate, Mud Ankhara stood watch outside, flanked on each side by a young man, their knights Rohn and Jefke. 
Upsbenar led her brood out of the secluded spot where the eggs had hatched. The hatchlings were a bit clumsy, some tripping over their feet or tail, or those of their siblings. Some draks preferred to march their draklings out, but Upsbenar was a happy-go-lucky sort and didn't mind her hatchlings playing a bit.
After a short entertaining parade of adorable draklings, Upsbenar called: 
"Have you made your dezcisionss?"
After a night and a water, both females, a fire strode toward Cweorth and said:
"My name is Ovharra, at your service."


Cweorth ran, feeling the runner's high take hold of her mind and body. Her vision dimmed to a single line and she felt like she could keep going, running until the end of the world. 
High above her, Ovharra, her drak, flew in lazy circles as he followed her progress on the road. Sure she could fly on his back, but where would that leave her? Fat and feeble, that's where. So every morning, Cweorth woke up and took her run. After that she would take a shower or swim and start training with the rest of the Armada. Afternoons were meant for missions and jobs. And evenings were free.
Ovharra soared down:
"Ready to fly back?" he asked.
"Just about." Cweorth admitted.
"One of these days you'll submit to the joy of flying."
"One of these days I'll get you to run." she quipped back.
"Never." he declared.


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