Snowdrift Ahead

Winter was progressing at an alarming rate, and the eggs on the flurry hatching sands were slowly hardening. Almost too slowly. Some worried that so many eggs on and in the soft red sands were just too many and they weren’t kept warm enough. Logical minds argued that if there were a problem, the experienced mothers on the sands would have said something.
An unseasonably warm week had wreaked its havoc on the snowbanks of Ryslen, turning the winter wonderland into a sloppy wet muddy place. Many of the candidates - tiros - were reassigned from the “traditional” chores to keep the floors clean and dry in the major entryways. Some, if not all of them were pleased to be out of barracks cleaning duties.
It seemed that a breath of fresh air was what everyone needed - especially the eggs. Shortly after the sun passed zenith, a harmonious rumble issued forth from the hatching grounds. The call had been anticipated for so long that half of Ryslen was quite startled and the other half... weren’t. At any rate, the hatching grounds were quickly filled but the hearts of the tiros were heavy - many of the eggs showed no sign of movement, and a few even seemed flaccid.
Cephari, the wind drak who'd been flown by White-Streaked Black Onurnmosoth, nudged her still second egg gently, and it gave a rock in response. Zealously guarding her egg, the Icarian mother screened the actual hatching from the view of others while her daughter hatched. Within moments the shell had fallen completely away and the hatchling was blinking at the brighter outside world. 
“Her name iss Meddinsori. Sshe will not Mind Pair either.” Cephari said, naming her second drakling and revealing the Rain Drak to Ryslen.

Flurry Rain Drak Meddinsori

Name Meddinsori (elvish for: Wet Sparkle)
Gender Female
Species Part Rain Drak
Origin Flurry 2004
Thoughts Sneaky and impulsive like most rain draks, her flurry heritage have given Meddinsori a sense of humour that relies more on irony and word play.  

Meddinsori had stayed close to her mother, learning the things that Draks were supposed to learn. It didn't take long before she could communicate with the humans as most draks were quick to pick up language. 

"Sshall I shnow you?" she quipped to one of the humans.
Her lisping pronunciation meant she could play with the words in a way that the humans mostly didn't. The humans sometimes didn't understand that she'd made a joke, but one of the caretakers who liked to play word jokes himself, had absolutely taken t eaching her about the fine art of language humor. 
"Only if we are outside," he told her, "I wouldn't want to get cold feet."
Meddinsori chuckled and blew some wet snowflakes toward him anyway. 


Meddinsori had left her mother's side half a year ago and had transferred to Castle DesCas. The desert-based castle was maybe not the logical choice for a drak who had been born of wind, rain and snow but the contradiction appealed to her. 
She was an unbonded drak and not many of those were around but Meddinsori didn't feel left out. Her sense of humor and her way with words had earned her a special spot in the hearts of the knights. They called her their little refreshment and Meddinsori always happily obliged by breathing a little winter magic their way. 
Maybe someday she'd find a mate or a knight. But for now she was perfectly happy being on her own. 

Lantessama Isle - Ryslen