1. You need to have an aspirant ready. I accept stories as well as (detailed) stats pages.
2. Please have a link back to Dawn Castle.
3. Your aspirant has to be the equivalent of 15 years. Keep in mind taking care of a drak is a lot of work so don't overdo it on the pets/workload.
4. The name of your drak is chosen by it's mother and therefor can not be changed. You can suggest the first letter, or if you know the naming system on Icarus you can suggest a name.
5. Draks pair to the aspirant they feel is right for them in character, there are no gender restrictions. Sometimes draks will pair another drak though it isn't likely.
6. Hatchling and adult images need to be saved to your own harddrive and uploaded on your aspirant's page. Flipping, resizing is allowed.
If you want a different set, please state so in the comments section. Possibilities: Acicade - Chindor - (Dawn) - DesCas - Savannah - Wilgen - Wo Yao Fei. 
7. Updates will be posted on the Nexus Board and Discord. Let me know if you want seperate e-mails.
8. If your drak participates in a flight outside Icarus please email me so I can add it to the Genealogy.